Stepping toes {revisited}

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Hallo Xanga world and Xanga members. {This was our heading on the in 2013 defunct Xanga site}

As serious Bible Students and Brothers in Christ we could not react to certain writings on Xanga, because we had to be a member. Some writings on the Xanga sites could use some reactions from outside. To be able to react we made at last the step and came over the threshold.

Probably not many articles shall we publish over here, {we wrote on 2011 September 28} because we have already to put in enough energy and time in the other websites. (Though you never know.)

In Dutch “Op de tenen stappen” or “Stepping on the toes” can be “to thread on a person’s toes” or making that somebody carries a chip on the shoulder.

We do hope that our visitors would not be to quickly to take offence. But we know that certain ideas we keep to are not favoured by so many. First of all do we love and honor only One God, who we want to address to with His Name. And that Name is one which frightens a lot of people.

People are easily put out when they hear whom we adhere.

But we are also sure that the die is been cast and that we have come in a special time were it is more important to share our love to the whole world, like our Masterteacher Jesus/Jeshua, the Messiah did. The man we do like to follow on this earth not only wanted that everybody knew his Father, he also proclaimed the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God and wanted that all his followers went out into the world to bring that Evangelion of good Tidings.

You could say that nobody can quarrel with such good news that Jesus of Nazareth brought, but as the world went against him so they were not pleased either with his followers.

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The logo of the blogging software WordPress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now we pitch our own tents here also on this Xanga Group {and now on WordPress} we do hope we shall find enough spirits eager to share their ideas and to welk along on the long road to … Tipperary and beyond. happy

Most of our writings you can find at our other web pages, to which we would like to invite you:

Our main site: Belgian Christadelphians


Christadelphian Ecclesia

Christadelphians Multiply


Broeders in Christus on WordPress

Hoop tot Leven | Redding door Christus Jezus

Hope to find you there also.heart


2013 October update:

Problem with free of charge websites, like Multiply, Webs and Xanga, is that they suddenly quit with giving it for free and demand money to continue the service, getting you for a dilemma to start all over again and for loosing lots of work done on the internet creating CSS and HTML!

Now we transfer some of the writings from Xanga onto WordPress we shall look into the matter if it would be not worth to bring further shocking news-facts for discussion, like this weekend (5-6 October 2013) the Roman Catholic Church forbidding its priests in Belgium to do services in other buildings than church buildings. According to the Belgian Cardinals only in the church may be prayed publicly. In future at cremation no prayer service may be held at the crematorium any more and people would have to hold an extra service in church if they want a Catholic service. Such thing could have us wondering and would perhaps be worthwhile to bring on this platform.

For those who think it to be good to write, to think themselves and to let others think and to request some meditation, we would like to offer a platform where thoughts can be shared. Reactions may be given and ideas about subjects are welcome.

Those who made a circle of friends and readers on Xanga, probably have to start all over again and will have to look for each other again on the net and in the bloggosphere. Hopefully those who look for like-minded souls will also find other interesting webpages to hold track off. May we express the hope that some ex-Xanga members may find us also on the WordPress pages and like to continue to follow us here.

  • Goodbye Xanga (
    So, in the past when I needed to blog and reach out I always used Xanga, and I Thought I had purchased a lifetime membership, but I guess that membership didn’t transfer to Xanga 2.0 :-/ so, I guess today I am starting a new blog here on WordPress because I need to write, I need to process life and while I am bummed about losing so many of my old friends maybe a new start is just what I need now too.
  • So, no more Xanga. (
    Xanga went on this whole “XANGA 2.0″ kick where it’s moved to WordPress….but you have to pay to use it.
    Right now “free” WP is operating at a higher level that “paid” Xanga…not a good business move for them until they can correct that…or perhaps I should say “if”. =)
  • Xanga stuff (
    Xanga transitioned my blog to WordPress even though I didn’t pay for that whole membership thing.  I forgot I was premium for life – a big Xanga mistake business wise in my opinion.
    You are aware there is no more lifetime membership, right? Your blog may be imported over but you will not be able to use it until you pay $48 per year.+
    Anita said: Because I was free for a couple of years, all my stuff is locked up in the ether until I pay up. Which is fine by me. I downloaded my archives after my final post. :-)
  • The move. (
    So pretty much xanga decided it was time for a makeover and went along and made xanga 2.0 much to my dismay. Long story short, all my previous blog posts had to be imported and I am now a wordpress user.
  • Damn Xanga. (
    I might upload my archives from Xanga, but since most people probably won’t care to read all that whiny depressed backstory stuff from my adolescence, I think I’ll just stick to having a fresh start.
  • Since Xanga Got Ruined, Here I Am! 🙂 (
    I guess there’s always time for a fresh start. Had to bury a cousin yesterday and now it seems I may have to bury Xanga. Sad. All the pictures I had on Xanga are buried somewhere too.
  • Welcome aboard, Carlette! (
    I just imported my previous articles from Xanga since it was upgraded to 2.0 and that, it’s not a free blog anymore.So, I hope that my followers from my former blog site will be able to find me here. I’m seriously crossing my fingers now. He-he-he!
  • Hello, WordPress. (
    So Xanga. I loved Xanga. But they were going to charge me to upgrade my blog to WordPress. Which I just did myself, in a few minutes, for free. Sorry, Xanga. I will miss you. And the friends I followed since 2004.
  • Second time around… (
    Since I refuse to pay for Xanga 2.0, my Xanga was not transferred to the new servers.
    I spent so much time on the CSS and HTML of my xanga and now it’s gone!!

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