Aim of Steppingtoes site

First of all, thank you for finding these pages.

Place to encounter many minds

Stepping Toes Doel Nov. 14 12.51Stepping toes wants to be a platform where many ideas, writers and readers may encounter each other sharing thoughts in a peaceful manner, but also not afraid to tackle not such liked or interesting subjects or to go against the stream of standard or poplar thinking or action, not afraid not to be part of or to take part of tradition.

We would love to see that information and ideas can flow freely and may bring some of interest to as many people as possible from all sorts of layers of the population and to all sorts of religious and non-religious people.

Participating and Portraying full range and variety of life

Afghan Muslims, practising the teachings of the Qur’an, praying inside Gardens of Babur in Kabul, Afghanistan.

News may fairly portray the full range and variety of life and culture of all communities, but we would like to give people around us an idea of the Judeo-Christian tradition and take away misconceptions which may have grown by the years on both sites of the public population. Therefore, we not only would like to shed a light on Christian religions (trinitarian and non-trinitarian), the different churches or denominations, but also look at other religions, their internal differences, for example Sunni Muslims (Sunnis, and Sunnites), Shia,Sufism,Ibadi, Ahmadiyya a.o. “Moslem” groups or Mohammedans.

Place for participation and deliberation

We would appreciate public participation and deliberation, and would like to see the news brought forward here to help people function as affected concerned and involved alerted citizens and/or political actors and not just as passive let it happen onlookers or materialistic and political consumers.

The people we are looking for, willing to participate as a writer, a replier, or just as a reader and returning visitor, we would like to have to see the importance of sharing ideas with each other for free, believing we can learn and grow as practitioners, educators and scholars, as readers and as writers, together participating in trying to make this world we live in a better place to sojourn. We can not be an expert in everything, so we do need people from all sorts of expertise to contribute to share their information with all those interested to learn more.

Prepared to feed each other

We think we can feed each other, and by knowing more about each other it would be easier to understand each other and to abandon misconceptions, getting more insight in the truth and reality. We believe in the value of studying the dynamics of communities and the complexity of public life, and that getting to know the other people, movements, organisations as well as the historical facts we can come to find that we perhaps more in common than we think, and that we have no reason to believe it would be impossible to live with each other, strengthening practice and education, bearing the way to democracy and to support it or hold it up.

Involvement is a risk for anyone involved in producing the news. We as citizens can not avoid being elements or little balls in the ping-pong game of this continuous revolving world. While journalist in the “Journal” or “News edition” should be neutral, we would not bring just the new facts as facts but look at them as a matter of how we can cope with them, react to those happenings or events, and how we should continue or organise matters afterwards. But we should not wait until something happens. Prevention is more important than rapprochement policy.  Out of love for the other we would like to bring warnings as well on this site as on its sister site From Guestwriters. We would like to open eyes for certain dangerous situations or developments.

To be active or passive

It can well be that sometimes to bring such a warning we shall have to thread on the toes of some, hence the name. Though it is never the intention to hurt anybody or to give a slap in the face, it can be that we get some red faces or would have to bring in the open situation the community can not let to happen. Some Christians may say we just have to let the world turn around as it happens, and should not react openly to certain happenings. We, on the other hand, do believe that it is a matter of love for the neighbour to come up for the weak, the poor and for those in need or those who have no voice (like the animals and plants).

Past and present

Sunni opposition figure speaks

Sunni opposition figure speaks (Photo credit: Al Jazeera English)

Like the project World WeeklyNow Public and our older Weekly World Watch we would like to have an overview of the weekly events in the world and bring coverage of the incidents to encourage debate and exchange of opinion. But Stepping toes would love to look back on what happened in history as well and remember also writings from people who died already. Older sayings can still be valuable today and therefore could be worthwhile to be quoted again. By sharing our thoughts and knowledge, we can create a healthy environment for journalism to grow and develop. How more writers we could get how more enriching it can become. Therefore comments of our readers are also appreciated. Hopefully, several writers would like to pursuit their ambition to stimulate others in the world to co-operate to seek a peaceful living together.

Possibility to contribute

Those who do not like to write also can contribute. They can not leave it by reading the read news or meditative articles. They can also share and post links to stories or comments.

We invite you to come along regularly, or to subscribe to get our readings in your mailbox. And in case you would be interested to join us to share your thoughts with the passers by, you are welcome to contact us and offer your services to become a contributor.

Whatever your choice may be, we wish that you and all those who come along here can enjoy their time and feel the hope of world-unity, being humans in the big universe we got to our advantage.



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