A Progressive Call to Arms

A Progressive Call to Arms

The United States of America having shaken Europe as well with an unexpected outcome, should waken up all those who have been dormant or did not speak up yet, to protect those around them who are in the minority, or who are poor, or who are sick or who have an other colour of skin, or who think differently ….


To remember

It could well be that we can see in states that one comes for those who are not in line, like

First they came for the Socialists,

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and for the Jews, and then for others until it was the turn to come for you

Martin Friedrich Gustav Emil Niemöller

and than it will be too late to remember the words of the German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, founder of the Confessing Church (Bekennende Kirche) and a president of the World Council of Churches.

Not only coloured people expressed their fear. People who were born in a body they did not felt the right body and had gone on the trajectory difficult path to change their looks now felt pushed in a bizarre corner.

Some felt

“it will become open season on people like me.”


Indiana, a state which is anything but safe for people who are different > birthplace of the KKK.

In Europe we have seen the vitriol and hate spreading of Donald Trump and how he created division. as such we cna udnerstand people over there now are afraid of violence under a Trump presidency.

seen the rallies + heard the hate-speech.

Mike Pence as governor passed laws making it legal for businesses to discriminate against members of the LBGT- community +  passed laws discriminating against woman’s right to choose.

We worked tirelessly to get a Pathway to Citizenship referendum passed, but our representatives would hide in their offices and refuse to meet with us.

Donald Trump not limited his hate-speech to members of just one community >made hateful comments + threats to members of Hispanic community, Blacks, Jews, women, Muslims + differently-abled.


  • bigots of all varieties feel emboldened by his ignorance + subsequent rise to power.
  • school-yard bullies + cowards of all stripes feel that hate = acceptable + rewarded.


It is our job to speak out when and where we see discrimination.

> compassion + activism.

>  help cause of equality => make world better place



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First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

-Martin Niemoller


A friend of mine stopped by my house recently.

She was scared.

My friend was born male, but now identifies as female.

She said…

“I’ve only recently began to be able to walk down the street. I fear that if Donald Trump becomes president, then it will become open season on people like me.”

Our house is a safe haven in the middle of Indiana, a state which is anything but safe for people who are different.


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29 thoughts on “A Progressive Call to Arms

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      • Dear Violet, our lifestyle magazines do want to bring an objective view. As such we want to offer our readers different viewpoints on a variety of subjects. We also do not mind referring to article who are even totally against our ideas, because they too have the right to bring their opinion and we do believe to make a right choice of opinion people should know the others their saying as well. Te make up a healthy mind a person always has to hear two sides of the story. when one listens only to one source, propaganda can easily brainwash a person’s mind. therefore we are open to all sorts of opinion and welcome contradictory views as well, certainly on this site, which receives its name for that reason, that we do not mind steppping on toes or having been steeped on toes.


        • I disagree. Opinions are one things, but here it goes about scientific backed up things and these articles not only spread hate, but simple wrong facts and hurting people me. I feel personal discriminated through articles likes ‘Transgenders’ on list, which speaks about it, despite the title, as ‘eunuchs’. That is transphobia first class in this case. I can’t believe that you read one of these articles or you would come to the same conclusion: It’s just supporting bigots and their dangerous messages. Cause if one uneducated people read it, he might believe this stuff to be true, although it is just hate and fear of the unknown.
          I am very disappointed, cause the actual essay is really good and is in the right narrative, but these links are destroying the message itself, are misleading and burn your reputation here. I would love to share it, but with this two-sharped sword, it is impossible to me. I even wonder if the author knows about the links, if you are the one answering me. Says much about it and that is not good.
          You should rather step with you toes on the floor, sneaking your way through equaty instead of just hurting anybody, just because you can and think it is a valid behaviour to ignore everything. (That’s exactly how Trump came to power.)


          • Dear Violet where would we be against transgenders and create transphobia. If you would read our articles properly you would notice we have nothing against transgenders and even o in defence for them.

            Where do we consider or speak of them like “eunuchs”? Can you give quotes from our texts?

            When we give links to certain articles which go totally opposite to our way of thinking, from our article or from our comment people should be able to come to their own conclusion about what the others write and what attitude we as decent people or as Christians should take.
            Only by showing where people go thinking wrongly sometimes people come to see the truth.

            We do not want to hurt any body,. If we have done so we want to apologise for that. But by showing differences of opinion it is so that people can get offended or being hurt. That is now only a possibility of such work method. But when trying to stay by the subject and not personalising it or feeling it as something directed to your ow person, you should be able to stay at the safe side.

            sorry I do not understand your ending, you saying
            “just because you can and think it is a valid behaviour to ignore everything.”
            We just claim it is no valid behaviour certain people put on against those who are different. We just defend those who are not according the main stream. As Christians we defend the poor, the ones with a different feeling in their body, homosexuals, transgender, bisexuals, neutral people, handicapped a.o.. We also call up for not ignoring the things that happen. We just called to think seriously of what is happening in the United states of America and of what we can see is happening in Europe as well. In several of our articles we point to the danger of extreme right and point to the danger of the many extremist groups or extreme conservative Christians who want to limit the way of living and want to make life very difficult for those who do not think like them.

            Probably you did not read the articles of the “Additional Reading” because their you should have found enough articles in defence of Muslims, transgender and other people.

            By letting other also read what the other side says is not giving the full power to the other thinkers. It even can give more insight because then people can go see where they go wrong, or what terrible language they use. also by daring to show how wrong certain people think and what many are saying our remarks become more valid, because otherwise it can not be proven that the others say such or such a thing; Only by showing what others say credibility to an article or television report can be given. WHen only letting the voice being heard from one side there is the danger of propaganda and of brainwashing. We always should be very careful for that and should always try to give also neutral information by the subjective remarks we give. Only be keeping an open mind and objectivity letting all parties have their word we can be able to show the main lines and can show the better path of thinking.

            Be sure it can be very dangerous if people only would tell what people want to hear. that is one of the many dangers we see today and of which Donald Trump so handy made use of it.

            In case you do not like to have too much background, we advice you only to keep to the article we present and to the “Additional Reading”, where you can only find articles in line with our thinking and/or reblogged articles we present as a must read or to be taken notice of.


            • It is sad to hear the ‘sense’ of your project, cause I would call two-sharped and condrictive. And don’t that it should be a thing of a christen to let hate slip through, your church fighting enough in its own raws. But I am no christ, so I will not speak for that.
              But indeed, you quite haven’t read the bad article. The ‘Eunuch’ text is titles and linked simply under ‘transgenders’ here (note, that the word only exist in that title, not txt).


          • Dear Violet, you should not feel “personal discriminated” because that writer nor us linking to different articles concerning transgender and other people envisioned by Donald Trump had you in mind or attacked a specific group of people.

            Hopefully you can grow in your own situation so much that you can come to be at peace with whom you are or with what you are and do not feel that you have to come into the defence each time. It is the same for men and women in daily life, when an article is written about them they would also not feel attacked personally and also not when links are given to articles about men and/or women.


      • As you can read in the reason of this and the other life-magazine, founded by Marcus Ampe, we want to give an objective view. Even when we give our opinion we do want to have our readers to make up their mind for themselves and want them to give the opportunity to hear different opinions. Only by being open to other opinions people can come to a better insight and also can come to understand why and how others think differently. That way also people can come to see who can be going on dangerous paths of thinking and as such even can become a danger for the society. Only by exposing such ways of thinking the society can be protected. It is not by closing our eyes for the things we do not want to hear nor see, that they will not exist. That is what our and our parents generation have clearly felt in the previous century. What happened in the Third Reich could only come so far because so many people did not want to know and did not want to see, because most often they were too much concerned about their own ego and their own well-being.

        You too should not be afraid to become confronted by those who do not like you. You should become stronger than them. By knowing how they think and how they act you can be a step before them. Also knowing what is going on in their mind you shall be able to unmask them easier and be handier to give them replies which may ‘crash’ them.

        You say you are not a Christian, but that does not matter. Christians should also come up for you and protect you. As such Christians should also show others what is going on in the world. By showing what others write people shall be able to see what is written and what is thought by so few or by so many. Only by exposing such thoughts people shall come to see clear and shall be able to prepare themselves or to make sure that they can defend themselves.

        We do hope you shall understand our point of view and do hope you shall come to see the good reasons of taking such an open attitude to all sorts of sayings, not excluding some people, some religions, or only showing what we would love to hear.

        Even when you do not believe in the Divine Creator God, nor in His only begotten beloved son, we do hope God may protect you and strengthen you in your life.


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  10. These kinds of articles are alarmist in an alarming manner. Mr. Trump has said that gay rights and gay marriage are “a matter of settled law.” In thousands of municipalities and principalities throughout the U.S., gay rights are protected by law and those laws are in no danger of being rescinded. Mr. Trump has said that the borders of the U.S. will be defended, because they have been lawless and poorly defended in the recent past. Mr. Trump has said the Supreme Court will continue to have purview over a woman’s right to choose.


    It is fashionable to rush to the ramparts in defense of perceived humanitarian causes. Everywhere, everyone is spouting Niemoller’s empathetic poem. Yet little is currently endangered by recent developments in the U.S., unless the rule of law is erroneously designated as a threat to our nation’s welfare and the welfare of its inhabitants. To the contrary, it is an erosion of the rule of law that confronts and endangers me and my family members every time we enter our city’s streets.

    And to extrapolate from current events in the U.S. in order to make generalizations about the conditions in other countries….seems quite a stretch for those of us who live reality-based lives.

    Yes, let us have diversity of opinion. But let us also engage our logic and reason in that pursuit. Raw emotionalism is merely…..raw emotionalism.


    • It may be an alarmist article, but sometimes people should get to see a red flag.

      Often we in Europe do get the impression gay rights which should and were protected by law in the U.S.A. could be in danger of being rescinded or by Mr. Trump creating hatred for people who are different than the mainstream, the same as he is creating hatred against Mexicans and people from other countries, with disastrous consequences, lunatics shooting at Mexicans crossing the borders to go shopping in American shopping malls.

      You might find it normal that little children are put in jails or have their mothers not collecting them from school because their parents were taken prison unexpectedly. We can only notice very inhuman actions by the present U.S.A. government and lots of human rights violations.


  11. There are two million American in U.S. jails. They are routinely separated from their children when placed in penal institutions, and I can find no evidence of anyone inside or outside of the U.S. complaining about that arrangement. Nonetheless, the policy of separating parents from children has been rescinded as regards the crowds intruding themselves illegally across U.S. borders, and those individuals are not citizens — they are intruders. Thousands of them enter across our borders on a daily basis with the intention of remaining here, and there are few easy solutions. The U.S. cannot house them easily, and it is extremely difficult to apprehend the adults in ways that do not impact negatively on their children.

    America has the most generous immigration policy in the world. A million Third World immigrants settle here each and every year. So many have come that there is no longer any “mainstream.” Aside from Israel, there is no other country on earth that is more generous in accommodating “diversity” (and Israel’s diversity is limited to the Jewish Diaspora). There is thus no genuine danger of any official discrimination or persecution materializing. Apprehending people who have entered your house without your consent is no sin, and it is easy to devote oneself to hysteria and virtue signaling, when observing from the sidelines. If someone threw open an unlocked exterior door of your home and entered without your consent, and then demanded refuge and meals on your dime, what would your response be? And what if they were part of a large group?

    It is easy to talk virtuously. But what would your solution be, in the moment? And in deciding your response, remember that we can easily denounce it as “inhuman.” Mass migration is a powerful force of nature, and it can be both beneficial or destructive. Suggested reading: “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” by Ilana Mercer, the daughter of a liberal rabbi.

    I am curious regarding this site, inasmuch as Christadelphians are traditionally apolitical. They are expected to shun political engagement and activity. I think it is encouraging that you have rejected this and engaged your minds — to the extent that you have done so. I hope you will continue to do so by examining both sides of debates — not just media-driven positions formulated to gin up responses to click bait.

    Liked by 1 person

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