Did the first followers of Jesus have ‘church’

Did the first followers of Jesus have ‘church’
  A. Amos Love searches for the the word “Church” in the Bible.

Makes an interesting study. An interesting challenge.

Print out every verse with the word “church” in it…
Read every verse, over and over, again and…
And ask yourself… Ask Jesus…

In the Bible?
Did any of ”His Disciples?”

1 – ”Go to” Church?
2 – ”Join” a Church?
3 – ”Lead” a Church?
4 – ”Plant” a Church?
5 – ”Pastor” a Church?
6 – ”Attend” a Church?
7 – ”Tithe” to a Church?
8 – ”Look for” a Church?
9 – ”Teach” Go to Church?
10 – ”Bring their friends” to Church?
11 – ”Become Members” of a Church?
12 – ”Apply for Membership” in a Church?
13 – ”Call themselves, Pastor,” in a Church?
14 – ”Call themselves, Leader,” in a Church?
15 – ”Call themselves, Reverend,” in a Church?
16 – ”Give Silver, or Gold, or Money” to a Church?
17 – ”Build a building with a Cross” and call it Church?

18 – *”Were any of **”His Disciples,” ever Hired?”**
As a Paid, Professional, Pastor, in a Pulpit?
Preaching, to People in Pews?
Weak after Weak?

In a church?

NONE of ”These Things” exist in the Bible…
For one of ”His Sheep,” ”His Disciples.”
Who ARE, The Church of God.

”These Things” only exist in the church of man.
They do NOT exist In the Bible. Oy Vey!!! 😦

Seems those who do NOT “Go To Church.”
Are more “Biblical” than those who do. 😉

If, In the Bible…
Jesus did NOT teach ”His Disciples” to do these things?
And, ”His Disciples” did NOT do these things?

Why do WE?

dividinghisword  replied

I wish I could heart this, like it 10x! Trust me, …

I personally no longer desire and follow the model of ‘going to church’, where there is a building, a pulpit and an offering plate. I go to my Father’s House instead. The church is the faithful to God, not faithful to a denomination, a dogma, or a preacher.

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