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Everybody is welcome to share their ideas or to give comments on what others might think. Wherever you think you should reply, you are welcome to do so.

We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful.

We like to see a multicoloured and multiracial society, where people are open-minded and interested in each other and each other’s culture. As this should be a place where we want to encourage understanding and a peaceful living together, we would appreciate it when everybody takes into account that not everybody in the world should have to think the same as us or you.

3 thoughts on “Remarks about commenting

    • Dear sir,
      in the article “Importance of parents 1” we do think an answer is given on the matter you mention in your article. We do wonder if you read the article or did not see our response to your feelings.
      In case you do not want that we bring our readers to your article we shall not mind to take away the link to your article. Please do let us know and we shall react appropriately straight away.

      The intention of the site “Stepping toes” is giving place to many voices about different matters of general interest. For this reason we also like to offer the visitors of our website “Stepping toes” a selection of interesting articles on the net, though we would not always agree with the things written on the presented website.

      In case you would have a better look at our articles, when we quote somebody, we like to mention the original place of that writing and let people know where we got the quote from or on what we reacted.
      Secondly we also want to offer our readers next to our views some related articles and views from other people on the same subject.

      We do know that by referring to their websites we can generate more readers for those writers and can get their website articles higher on the ranking of Google. So when the writers of those articles do not like it that we refer to their articles we shall not object to take the links and referrals away.

      We shall wait a few days, and in case we do not hear a further reaction we shall consider to take away the referral to your website in the article “Importance of parents 1” and shall not look regularly at your site to see if you have something interesting to offer to our readers. We shall leave you than on your own to generate your own readers without any of our help, which naturally we understand none of the internet writers or bloggers really need.

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