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Stepping Toes -aim Nov. 14 14.12The writings placed on this site are selected, from the point of view which interest they could offer for a student of the Word of God, and for those who are looking to know more about the Creator God of those people who call themselves Christians.

First of all, we offer original writings from serious Bible Students like the Christadelphians (the name means brothers and sisters in Christ) and several other sorts of Bible researchers and people who are really concerned to come to the Truth by looking into the Word of God, the Bible, the Book of 66 books which together from the Holy Scriptures and are a base for the foundation of our believes.

As Followers of Jeshua, better known as Jesus Christ, we consider those who accept that Jewish man as the Saviour or Messiah and are willing to follow his teachings and doing what he (Jesus) requested, as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Following Jesus Christ as the Master Teacher, rabbi, prophet and son of God, we are a worldwide community of men and women who try to follow not only the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, but want to share with others this love of that man and the love of his Father, the Only One God.

We are united by a shared faith based on the Holy Scriptures, and we look forward eagerly to the completion of God’s plan for the world and mankind – the setting up of God’s kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth as God’s appointed King.

We also share the hope that we would be able to get others to know Jesus (Jeshua)  יהושע Messiah, the first-born of a new generation, son of Dawiḏ (David), son of Aḇraham, the son of God, his Father, the Elohim Hashem יהוה Jehovah who is one (Deuteronomium 6:4). Like Jesus wanted to get the people to get to know his Father and loved to see that the people would only honour his Father, we also would love to see that happen, that people shall get to know, honour and worship the Father of Jesus, as our and their God, and be willing to live in peace with the other believers but also with those who do prefer not to believe in this One God. That we might be a worthy example of the love of God in the name of Christ Jesus.


Dutch version / Nederlandstalige versie: Achter de schermen van Stepping Toes


We would love to find a world where many people of different race and speaking different languages
would like to come to understand each other
and to find a way to live together in peace.
It would be nice if we could find more people willing to join those who want to bring the message of God and message of peace
and who want to let the others know what prospects we might have.
We look forward to meeting other people who want to go out and share the message of the Good News.
It would be nice if more people could join a movement for peace, like the Bloggers for peace.


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  137. Rapture exposed 5 Raptured in clouds
  138. Eternal or Unending life
  139. Peace of God
  140. Kingdom of God – What will it be like
  141. Paradise restored

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