We Are The Children Of God

In this world we can see a lot of people who shed their own blood. We can find lots of people who misuse the name of God and use their so called faith, to fight against others. Several people can be found in this world who oppose those who formed them, those who fostered them, those who gave them a mind to think and a voice to speak. Lots may be found who transgress against their own kin and their neighbours.
It is a shame but in this world we can find parents who misuse their children and treat them badly. Many may have turned their hearts and got a cold soul because the struggles they have encountered in their life.


But in this world we may also see a lot of good and be sure there are more people who take care of their own family and who want to stand ready to help their neighbours and even people who they do not know and do live far away.


There may be found lots of people who try to do good in this world. They may believe in a Supreme Being, but also may not believe in any God. They all should know that behind everything they see around them there is a Master Hand, a Creator Who allows everything to happen. In His son all living in this world received the possibility to come close again with the Father of fathers. In Him we should trust and Him we should be made known to others, to bring more people to the awareness of the Father of it all.

  • Taming an Irascible Nature (saintlysages.wordpress.com)
    “When you are surprised by anger on account of some misfortune, some injury, some wrong or affront, suppress it as soon as you discover it. You should not be angry about these things, which God permits for your good, to keep you detached from the world, confident in Him alone, and above all things humble. I say ‘as soon as you are aware of it,’ because so long as it is unintentional, however bad it may be, it is nevertheless not a sin. Then when it comes on you because you see offences offered to God, duties transgressed, virtue vilified, and you feel still more angry because these things have been done by those who are placed under your authority, be content to bridle it, that it may not in an unruly manner overpass the limits of what is just and right. . . . A just anger is a fire that is necessary to give warmth and life to our zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of our neighbour.”
  • Proverbs 31 Challenge ~ Chapter 28 (tapestrytreasures.wordpress.com)
    The wicked flee when no man pursues them, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous are bold as a lion.
  • How to Deal With Workplace Enemies (unwalled.wordpress.com)
    You will come under the fire of a person or persons who for some reason or the other do not like you, hold a grudge against you, or even hate you, and who will not hesitate to demonstrate this to you in some tangible way.
  • Hug a neighbour today (jamaica-gleaner.com)
    A fact of life is that people who always expect the worst are seldom disappointed – they get what they expect. The converse is also true. Ever wonder why most positive persons are mostly happy? The behavioural scientists will explain.
  • Neighbours across cultures and beliefs (samlaidman.wordpress.com)
    “Our neighbours become extended families,” she said of her homeland. “The community gets together and they help each other… Everybody gets together to get to know each other and enjoy each others company.”
    In the “mosaic society” we live in, we are supposed to touch but do not blend, maintaining cultural identity. This can lead some to feel isolated. Bain hopes “Visiting Neighbours” will bring faith communities together each taking turns to host dinner for the public, as a part of the Celebration of Faith in Diversity.
    “In all of the diversity, there is a very fundamental unity, which is the discovery of – Call it god, the spirits, the creator – Whatever word you use… The language may be different, but our realities are mostly the same,” said Father Don Savoie of the STU ministry. “Maybe I’m an agnostic, Maybe I’m an atheist, maybe I’m a believer, but we all have a bedrock in our experience that allows us to continue.”
  • Heavenly Patrol (dodaughters.wordpress.com)
    For us not to witness evil in our nation, we need to rise up yet again and begin to intercede for our nation. We pray that the evil principality of bloodshed and war will not prosper in our country
    We pray that the Winds of Heaven patrol and uproot violence and kidnapping from the east and may God’s Spirit patrol the west and bring an end to bloodshed, ritual murders and political upheavals in Jesus name. By divine patrol let militancy be wiped out in the south of Nigeria in Jesus name. We decree an end to corruption and political unrest in Nigeria in Jesus name.
  • The Divine Conspiracy – Our Constant Pursuit To Be Whole (withoutrebuttal.wordpress.com)
    “The Divine Conspiracy” is a manual on how we’re supposed to read and interpret the Bible and especially Jesus’s own words and teachings. Dallas Willard’s only focus is to unmask all of the theological nonsense used to read and interpret Jesus’s teachings so that the reader can, for the first time, get to know and understand who Jesus really was and what His intent was behind every word He said; the essence of His teachings and how they were received by His followers and listeners. And the essence of Jesus’s teachings are to live with wholeness in everything we do; to focus on our hearts while we always strive to live kingdom-minded.
  • What does the Bible say about lying? (writsofanusha.wordpress.com)
    Isaiah 63:8, ”For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie: so he was their Saviour.”
  • The Essential Role of the Father (catholicgentleman.net)
    Divorce rates skyrocketing; adultery rampant; non-married cohabitating couples; children abandoned by their fathers or mothers; “same-sex unions” adopting children and calling this the “modern family”; pornography invading homes, leading to powerful addictions and total alienation from other members of the family: all of this is a bird’s eye view of the family situation in the modern world.Nonetheless, followers of Jesus Christ lift up the banner with the word Hope. Hope is one of the three theological virtues that are infused in the soul in the moment of Baptism: Faith, Hope and Charity.
    if the earthly father has encountered God the Father in an intimate, personal, filial, and convincing way then he will be able to transmit this fatherhood to those whom God will place under his care.
  • Cleansing of the Soul (cherishingeverymoment1021.wordpress.com)
    Christ came to redeem His people by bridging the chasm that lied between the Father and His beloved children.
    The Son will clothe His people in His blood-stained garments of grace so that His people may appear holy and blameless before the throne room of the Father.  Jesus is the Intercessor of our faith; when the holy God looks upon His rebellious people who put their faith in Christ, He sees the righteousness of Christ dwelling in their souls.
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Poem De Terre

Would you shed your own blood?
Then why do you shed other’s blood?
We are all the children of god.

Would you transgress against your kin?
Then why do you transgress against your neighbour?
We are all the children of god.

Would you rape your own daughter?
Then why do you rape another’s daughter?
We are all the children of god.
Why have your hearts turned cold?
Why have your souls filled with malice?
Don’t you remember our saviour’s sacrifice?
He died on the cross to free us of our sins.
Would you let him be crucified again?
Turn away from your sins brother,
Cast not an evil eye sister,
Our father in heaven awaits your repentance,
He will forgive you even at your last breath,
Because you are his child…

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24 thoughts on “We Are The Children Of God

  1. Hi
    I’d consider myself a good person, and a person who does not see the guiding hand of any/all gods (all 3,000 of them!)
    The 2 issues I have with this article are:
    1. you advocate your god is behind all that is good in the world without considering the bad – note Isiah 45:7 King James Bible “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” – so your god claims responsibility for wars, diseases, smallpox, bacteria, etc.;
    2. Further you seem to imply that it’s obvious that god is behind all of this (it is not), whilst offering absolutely no EVIDENCE to support your extraordinary claims. Please don’t prove god by simply referring to the bible, etc. – this is a logical fallacy ‘Begging the Question’ or circular reasoning. What testable, verifiable evidence do you have to support your extraordinary claims?
    Please consider – look forward to your reply
    Kind regards


    • Dear Scott, it is not because God created the good and the bad, that this would be in general be bad or be a sign of not such a nice God.

      It also does not mean that this God is responsible for the bad things that come over us or over other people. In the Garden of Eden the first man (the first Adam) and first woman (Eve) disputed the right of God to govern everything. God allowed them from then onwards to arrange the things themselves, but this would mean that God allowed everything human beings themselves brought forward, so good and bad things this would be.

      In case God would allow only that to happen what He thought right or what He wanted to happen, than the adversaries of God (the satans) still could claim Him to be an unrighteous god and a dictator.

      We did not say that God is behind the things that happens, but implied that He is the One who allows it to happen or to take coarse.

      Would you consider an other responsible for the mudslide than those who took away the trees. So why would God be responsible for what humans themselves do?

      It is not because a parent allows his child to drive a car that he can be called the responsible in case the kid had an accident with the car, and killed some one.
      You say not to believe in a god and to see no reason of the 3000 gods (though it might be more), so where would then be the problem with the Only One True God?

      You may look further at an article which includes also a reply to your question: > http://fromguestwriters.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/religions-and-mainliners/


      • Isiah is pretty clear Isiah 45:7 King James Bible “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” – god clearly takes responsibility for creating evil in the world. I don’t know how you can possibly read it differently?!

        Re parents & car – this is EXACTLY what the garden of eden story is all about.
        1. God put tree of knowledge of good & evil in garden (Tree)
        2. God told Adam/Eve not to eat of Tree
        3. God COULD have put Tree outside garden, somewhere far, far away, or even NOT created such a tree
        4. Adam & Eve did not know right from wrong, good from evil before eating from Tree, therefore they didn’t understand right from wrong
        5. Why would a god with knowledge of the FUTURE put a Tree there that HE KNEW WHEN HE PUT IT THERE would be EATEN???!! Doesn’t make any sense!! Knew what would happen in advance but still did it!

        This is JUST LIKE me, a father of 2 little kids putting a bowl of sweets in a room, right in front of them, within reach and leaving the room expecting them not to partake – it’s something that shouldn’t happen because it’s ridiculous!

        Re your god vs 3,000 other gods, ABSOLUTELY EVERY OTHER GOD HAS BEEN CLAIMED TO BE THE TRUE GOD! You claiming it to be the true God doesn’t make it so – to establish this, you need to present irrefutable evidence of the existance of your god! Would love to hear it…


        • To present ” irrefutable evidence of the existance of your god!” is nearly impossible. The only dogma what exist in Christadelphian belief is that we do have to accept that there is “Only One God divine Creator”. We can only go to become convinced that there is a Master Hand behind everything we see, by looking at nature, by getting to see the marvellous intricate existence of things, and by listening to the words given in the Holy Scriptures and taking them at heart, following the Guidance we can feel within each of us; The Creator namely has given each an instinct, and by that instinct we can feel the necessary things to know what is right or wrong. It is that what non-beleivers should be able to feel and follow. But next to the instinct we do have received brains we can use to think and to come to the Truth.

          It is God Who calls the people to Him. If a person is willing to find the inner-peace and is willing to find the One Who is behind it all, he or she shall be able to find It. When a person is not honestly eager to find it he or she shall not be able to go into the call further and shall be blinded by worldly matters, not able to see the path, because blinded by the fog.

          I am sorry I can not solve the mystery for you. I do hope you shall be able to encounter people who perhaps can do it in my place. I am only a humble servant of the Most High, with a lot of limitations. So please do accept my apologies and try to look further for answers which I could not give. Somewhere on your path you shall be able to encounter someone who might perhaps show you the right way for you to follow.

          Good luck on your search, if you really want to look for more, and are willing to open your heart for answers, sincerely.

          Best wishes, in the love of God,

          Yours truly,
          from Belgium


          • Many thanks for your humble & sincere response. However, could you kindly respond to my comments re garden of eden? Do you think it accurately portrays the situation? I just can’t see how you’d think that this situation is fair.
            You have also ignored my comments re God FULLY taking credit in Isiah for creating everything that is evil. Do you think is is wrong?
            Kind regards


            • The story of the Garden of Eden is a short version of what happened with the first human beings. It is telling how their minds started doubting the superiority right of their Maker. It is not literally happened that way, but uses like many other books in the Bible figuratively talk and is spoken of from the visionary way of the writer, having for example the snake as a visualization of the inner thought of man.


        • As a parent do you not have things which may be good for you and older people in the household, which you keep in your house? You may have a car and tell your kids they may not drive with it. In case your children than go behind the steerweel and cause an accident would you consider than it your fault you placed the car in the garage or in the house where they could reach it?

          You shall be accountable as parent for the law, but would you find it right you would be put in jail or being killed for the damage your children caused?

          Now you are accusing the Maker of His fault He provided things which could be good for some but bad for others, and that those who took that which they where asked not to use it, you consider not worthy to by punished, because you consider the Father should not have placed it there in the first place.


          • That’s right, except the god you worship has PERFECT CLARITY over what will occur. He put the Tree in the garden KNOWING FULL WELL the outcome, which is something I don’t claim to have.
            Surely you see the difference??!!
            If god knows in advance what will happen if he puts a tree in a certain place, why tell them not to touch – he KNOWS they will!!
            How do you reconcile that this makes sense, or view it as anything other than completely cruel?


            • As all children have to learn when they grow up, human beings perhaps had to go a path of ‘education’. God perhaps wanted us to have a time of experience and learning, to make us strong and with a sure mind, taken away all the doubts, and having seen the goodness the creator has in His mind for us.


              • This is not a reasonable argument – you’re just making things up! You’re seriously advocating that god has perfect knowledge of all things past & future, and at the same time chooses not to understand the consequences of his actions? This is a Deist view of a God & doesn’t fit with the interventionist god of the bible (particularly old testament)


            • Dear Scott, do you have children? Do you as a parent not sometimes say they may not do this or that, though you know the outcome and are sure they will do it when you say they may not?

              What is the reason than you are forbidden them to read a certain book or watch a certain program on television. Several things shown on the little screen may be very interesting and for good use for adults but certainly not for little children. Would you say a parent may not take in a television in the living room, because it would be damaging his kids? Can the society call the father or moterh guilty because she allowed the dangerous knifes in the kitchen? She may have asked the children not to touch the knifes, but when the children did play with it and hurt somebody with it, what then ???


              • Hi Marcus
                I agree with what you’re saying (to a point).

                The differences are that

                1 – god is supposed to have PERFECT KNOWLEDGE of what the outcome will be – I don’t. Kids are kids, but in a small way challenging them helps them discover right from wrong. Again, when I leave the room, I have a reasonable expectation that they’ll comply with my request. I don’t have perfect knowledge of the future so I don’t know what will occur, unlike your god.

                2 – If i ask my kids not to watch a TV show, and they do it, I might send them to their room for 5 minutes. I won’t sentance them to death & painful childbirth! This punishmet would be COMPLETELY disproportionate compared to the crime committed. Simply contrast this with the Cain & Abel story – 1st murder & punishment for this was FAR less than for taking a piece of fruit!!


                • God having Perfect Knowledge does not require it Him to use it every time.

                  We as human beings have a limited understanding of the way God works.
                  I personally would find a punishment with so much pain and in the end death, a hard punishment, but when Iook at what can happen after the punishment is done, it might have brought a sincere message and brought a better fulfilling live to the accomplisher.

                  When we come to choose to follow our Maker we have the guaranty that everything would become better, in the ‘afterlife’ if you would like to call it that way. The Kingdom of God shall offer us a world of no pain, no trouble, nothing bad at all. In this life we shall have learned what the bad things are and we shall have remembrance of it until we die in this life. Afterwards we shall be changed and only will have the good things with us.


                • For the killing of the brother there was given a lesser penalty than for the taking of the fruit. But with the first sin it did not go about taking the ‘fruit’ but about doubting the right of the Maker to put rules or to impose His laws on man.


                  • Sorry – doesn’t make sense
                    Adam and Eve were supposedly on speaking terms with god anyway!
                    Also, if contradicting gods laws/commands is so serious as you say, and he damned us all to death for taking a piece of fruit, why then later can people murder and get little/no measurable punishment? Doesn’t make sense


        • God has the right to claim responsibility for everything there is in this world: good and bad, because He created the world with the things that were going to develop and people who were going to create other things. He could have used His foreknowledge but did not want to do so. You can compare it with one of the artistic creations by a painter, sculpturer, filmmaker, theatermaker or choreographer.
          Once the work comes of the ground it may take other paths than the maker intended, and people who buy the piece can do totally different things than the maker intended. Would you there also call the maker to responsibility when the work turns out differently than intended?


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