Racy routine of Miley Cyrus

English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert

Miley Cyrus in a more representable outfit, singing in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the goddesses of this age, 20-year-old former Disney star Miley Cyrus,  chose to close her year with a bang by picking a new victim in the form of Father Christmas as she performed yet another racy routine at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Walt Disney his films where known for old good family traditions. He showed nature close to human beings, having the animals, real and animated, talk, understand and communicate with human beings. His studios edited films where parents did not have to worry their children came to see them.

The former Disney star has put away her innocence, does want to take distance of her figure Hannah Montana, and likes to joke with all the family and Judeo-Christian values.
Growing up she was moulded into something she didn’t feel like represented her. Today she wants the world to show that she can be herself and comments

‘Anything that has my name on it has to be completely rad’.

She caused outrage at this year’s MTV VMAs so it’s not surprising for the online platform for music professionals and Information Technology Entrepreneurs, Luckyoamen,  that she chose a memorable outfit from the same event for Halloween, with a nipple pastie protecting her bared boob.

She, like the other idol of today, Lady Gaga, are leading the pack of female celebs and musicians in ever increasing salacious behaviour on stage and in public

Been the most talked-about celebrity of 2013 she confronted the public with some not so ethical movements with the figure many consider a ‘holy man’. Instead of the ever-modest Robin Thicke, she was joined by a dancing Father Christmas.

The positions she took, you may have seen on television, where she succeeded again to get the news, in eye-popping Pαnts are not some to be seen on this site, but you may find them on:

Miley Cyrus picks a new twerk victim as she grinds up against Father Christmas in eye-popping Pαnts

But this is not the first year we do hear about such fun made of Father Christmas. Also on the Gay parade and Love Boats we can see “chocking” indecent movements performed like it is the most normal thing a human person can do. It shows how degraded our society has come. All the idolising and wanting to be a fan of so and so, wanting to have this gadget, shows how much value is given today on position, notoriety and on material it self instead of the spiritual value of this life.

Many kids will have lots of time to listen and to watch video’s of those celebrities, and they will only come down for dinner or supper, having a good time with songs and spheres which have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.

At the same time somewhere in the world may be a family sticking to religiously. But would it not be again on a reliving of old memories or would it be really reading parts of the Bible and thinking on the works Christ Jesus did?

For dattallguy it shall be like every Christmas:

Every Christmas Eve we sit round the dining room table in candle light and drink mulled apple juice while eating chocolate coated strawberries. We then reflect on the year with our most embarrassing moment, happiest and saddest moment, as well as any others we feel like chucking in there. On Christmas morning we open our pressies and then go to church for the Christmas morning service. I always get confused when it’s not on a Sunday because I’m not used to going to church twice a week. Then after that we have a roast lunch, yum yum. In the evening we then have a pot-luck dinner with good family friends. {Crazy Christmas}

An other routine of a Christmas holiday.