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Christadelphian World 11 Nov 2013Do you have a lot of Bibles and enjoy reading a variety of Bible translations? Perhaps you make already use of one of our free or payable Bible software Programs. (Those who dowloaded our free OnlineBible program do not forget to ask your extra free modules to your ecclesia, our ecclesia or to Christadelphian World by Marcus Ampe)

Some of us in Belgium do prefer the Importantia Online Bible instead of our own Library (previously in Librinox) in the Logos Bible Platform, which is more difficult to work with and works out to be expensive for several trinitarian and non-christadelphian publications. (Though many are also free of charge for baptised Christadelphians.)

Online Bible Software is a tool originally form Canada and North America, used worldwide to study the Bible via desktop computers. From its early beginning in 1987 it was “ministry” based also by Importantia in Holland, and since 1995 many titles have been freely accessed by those downloading from the www.onlinebible.org website. These free downloads consists of a basic pack in different languages and additional downloads. The website experiences over 5000 downloads every month. The company in charge of making and distributing the program asks for contributors who will help fund the costs for www.olb-downloads.org. We do believe the end result will be a better experience for those visiting the download site and more people will benefit from the Online Bible software.

  • The cost of building www.olb-downloads.org is €2900.00.   With this amount th epeople behind the screens of Importantia, can pay the php-programmer, the copywriter, the graphic designer, the editor and the translators. The site will run in four different languages (English, German, French and Dutch)
  • Should the fund raise more than the €2900.00 mentioned, they would endeavour to add more languages, such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • www.olb-downloads.org will auto-detect the language of the visitor and adapt to that language.
  • For all contributions making a donation of €75.00 or more we will send out a DVD-ROM containing all 1500 available Online Bible titles, including the titles we are not allowed to distribute by download. (Baptised Christadelphians also can contact their ecclesia or us to receive even more modules for free.)
  • If Importantia do not reach the basic financial goal that is needed for this project, the money that is raised will be used to set up the site in a smaller version with reduced functionality.

On Online Bible the bible Students and Christadelphians created several modules from long before internet was known but are limited working for free at our own time (we do not have paid ministers or pastors), so they might grow perhaps more slowly than the paid for modules. Though a yearly update is provided to our members, for free.

The Word Logo

The Word Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An other Bible software program provided by one of our brothers is The Word which is also not bad and in which you can tailor the software to your liking. Rearrange everything, configure every little detail to your heart’s liking. (For the free Christadelphian modules you may contact your ecclesia or the responsible brother of the software – see the CALS diary.)
A partial Japanese interface translation is also available in The Word which is portable. You can put it on a USB flash drive and carry your favourite Bibles, Books and personal notes wherever you go. For Online Bible Importantia there is an ap provided  for your portables in which you also can place our free modules. Importantia cooperates with Cross Link Services BV in the development of Bible and Biblestudy Apps. These Apps are developed by Cross Link Services BV and Importantia takes care of the content.

Different religious groups include different books within their canons, in different orders, and sometimes divide or combine books, or incorporate additional material into canonical books of the Holy Scriptures. The 24 books divided into three different parts: the five books of the Torah (the book of the Jews), the Nevi’im (prophets) and the Ketuvim (writings). Torah means “teaching” or “law” forming the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible. Those old books have every interesting stories which call for many pictorial presentations.

Bible (Serbski)

Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As it is so easy for young children to think that the Bible is a series of stories about characters and events with God as a somewhat constant background character, they love to see some drawings or want to recognise something they can associate to.
Many kids may like some pictures to bring everything alive for them. they want to see how and why God created the world, how His people messed up and how God was positioning the world to receive somebody who would take all the problems out of the world. They would love to see a Messiah which they can relate to.

But also adult do not mind to have some pictures with the long texts from the Bible. Now you  may find 1189 chapters provided each with one picture. To provide a Bible ideal for visually-oriented people, by which they can readily increase their familiarity with the text we now offer also a pictorial Bible. Like we mentioned at the opening of the Xanga and this WordPress site we may offer once more a provocation. This time for anyone to create their own version of a Pictorial Bible.

Please do find more about it and find our free download on: Picture Bible


Free Bible software OnlineBible
from Importantia

Powerful, comprehensive Bible research software. Multiple translations, commentaries and more to aid you in studying the scriptures.

Short Program Overview

  • Find any scripture passage quickly by typing in the verse and selecting the translation you want.
  • 650,000 cross references that automatically display according to the verse being researched.
  • Quickly locate a word or phrase in any material using the built–in search feature.
  • Basic package for Windows is free.
  • DVD runs under Linux and iMac as well.
  • Modern Bible versions available in many languages

Basic Program Package

This Basic pack for Windows is completely free and fully functional — will not expire — no nagware or spyware. Operating system required is Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The Basic Program Package for Windows is available in several languages.

English | Afrikaans | Deutsch | Français | Nederlands | Other

There is more …

The download library contains extra titles for you to download as an addition to the Basic Pack for Windows.
You can freely install and use these under Windows. The Online Bible DVD of Importantia which we can recommend, contains over thousend of titles. This DVD runs under Windows, Linux and OS X
Select your language for more information:

English | Afrikaans | Deutsch | Français | Nederlands | Other

for the extra free Christadelphian and bible Students modules, please do contact your own ecclesia or the providing ecclesia in Belgium.



The Matthew Henry Study Bible app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can obtain this app through iTunes Appstore.

  • Logos Bible Software, SYM, & Me (six11.wordpress.com)
    I am excited that Logos Bible Software is adding some great SYM books to their library! Great books from Kurt Johnston, Joshua Griffin, Doug Fields, and twenty other authors! The set is available for pre-order and on sale at a 30% discount.If you are teaching on a regular basis, love studying from your Mac, PC, or iPad then Logos Bible Software is something to investigate. Call my friend David Kaplan at Logos and tell him Brandon Early sent you (800.875.6467).  October is pastor appreciation month… so go appreciate yourself!
  • Impressed by Catholic Logos Bible Software 4 (insightscoop.typepad.com)
    For nearly twenty years, Logos Bible Software—which was founded in 1992 in western Washington—has been recognized for producing exceptional Bible software. From humble beginnings in (where else?) a basement, the company now partners, its site states, “with more than 130 publishers to make more than 15,500 electronic Bible study resources available to customers around the world.” The company’s technology “is used in more than 180 countries in a dozen languages.”In recent years there were increased rumors that Logos, which was founded by and oriented toward Evangelical Protestants, was working on a Catholic version of Bible software. And, sure enough, Catholic Logos Bible Software 4 was released a few months ago, the result of Logos being committed to producing a Bible software that is truly Catholic (and not just Protestant + some Catholic add-ons) and the hard work of Andrew Jones, who took on the task of being the Catholic Product Manager at Logos in June 2011. Andrew is an ecclesiastical historian of the Middle Ages by training. Of his work with Logos, he states: “As the Catholic Products Manager at Logos Bible Software, my ambition is to promote the use of Logos software as a remarkable tool for integrating all aspects of the rich Christian tradition with contemporary thought and with the needs of the living Church.”
  • Tools I use to Study the Bible (calumpaton90.wordpress.com)
    If you are looking for a step up from your current bible, this is definitely worthy of your consideration. Bear in mind that it is very chunky so you would need another smaller bible to carry around with you. Alternatively, you could download the app mentioned above for free.
  • Basic Resources for the “7 Year Home Study Seminary Doctorate” (sevenyearstudy.wordpress.com)
    I would argue that the advantage of Logos as a resource for the home education endeavor is found in the extensive selection of resources available for purchase through the website. I often compare the prices with Amazon and find that resources available through Logos are simply not available for purchase. Another advantage with digital copies is the lack of shipping cost and the lack of clutter/bulk that comes with a large print library.
  • The Christadelphian Bible Truth & Prophecy Video Vault (therugbychristadelphians.wordpress.com)
    We have included a wide range of subject matter, including many videos of our prophecy days held here in Rugby annually,but most of our videos cover what we term the First Principles – i.e, that knowledge essential for salvation.
  • Wilhelmus Brakel: The Christian’s Reasonable Service (withalliamgod.wordpress.com)
    The supreme object of God’s servants’ desire and delight is living a life in accordance to the will of God. In order to do so, God’s servants must know God. Systematical knowledge of God and practical application of that knowledge in ordinary Christians’ lives is the heart of Wilhelmus à Brakel’s (1635-1711), one of the less known but most eloquent Reformed minister and theologian, masterwork The Christian’s Reasonable Service. This masterwork is 17th century’s Didache. Brakel unloaded unmatched practical and systematic theology that would not only lead its readers to delight in God but also to personally apply the biblical truth acquired in their daily conducts.
  • Church-Planting Missionaries Receive Generous Gift from Southern Baptist Convention (virtual-strategy.com)

    Church-planting missionaries who are a part of the NAMB Send Network each received a Logos Bible Software Silver base package, including nearly 700 resources worth more than $13,000 in print. The gift also includes a six-month license to Logos’ Proclaim Church Presentation Software.

    “The Logos Bible Software library will be a great blessing to our church planters,” said Micah Millican, director of church-planter relations at NAMB. “Most planters have limited resources and limited space, so a digital library like this will be useful and appreciated.”

    Aaron Linne, Logos Bible Software’s director of church products, said, “Church planters are some of the most amazing people I know. With full schedules and modest finances, dedicating resources and shelf space to a library of books and commentaries is hard for many to do.” However, Logos has been expanding its bulk-licensing options for ministries, making it possible for churches, colleges and ministry groups to make cost-effective Bible study tools available for entire organizations at once. “We’re excited to be a part of presenting an entire suite of study and collaboration tools for church planters. With the core Logos software, they get a whole library of resources and insights, with Proclaim they can build the presentation for Sunday morning and with Faithlife.com they can communicate with their church online for free,” Linne said.

  • iPads in the Pulpit (bibledesignblog.com)
    Writing for the Gospel Coalition blog, Matthew Barrett shared the concern earlier this week that the replacement of physical Bibles with iPads in the pulpit, while a “subtle shift,” comes with several potential dangers. His post –– “Dear Pastor, Bring Your Bible to Church” –– got a lot of people thinking, which is to say, it got them riled up.An iPad in the pulpit, Barrett contends, sends a different message than a physical Bible to the congregation, because people associate the iPad with media consumption. The physical book we now think of as the text, whereas we still distinguish between the e-reader, a technological device for consuming the text, and the text itself. When the pastor flashes his iPad, we see the device, not the Bible.
  • Good Free App of the Day: The Bible App for Kids (#1 on Education App Charts!) (smartappsforkids.com)
    There is a brand new app topping the Free apps in Education chart, and it’s just in time for this first Sunday in Advent. LifeChurch.tv has developed an app great for young children to learn more about the Bible, including the story of the First Christmas.The Bible App for Kids is totally free! Read on to download it today to enjoy six current animated stories, perfect for toddlers through early elementary.
  • This is the most delightful Bible – The Chronological Life Application Study Bible (christeien.com)
    I was surprised to find that this Chronological Life Application Bible was the most enjoyable and intriguing Bible for me. The full color print, charts, profiles and timelines are helpful and the Life application notes help remind me of ways the passage can be applied to peoples lives. There is a King James and a New Living Translation Second Edition (NLT is not a paraphrase) version of this Chronological Bible.

Van Til’s An Introduction To Systematic Theology

The basis of Christianity should be found in the authority of Scripture. If we cannot identify what Scripture is, then we cannot properly distinguish any theological truth from error.

English: Dr. Cornelius Van Til (left) with Dr....

Dr. Cornelius Van Til (left) with Dr. Robert Knight Rudolph (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cornelius Van Til revises his syllabus on Systematic Theology in the volume, accounting for developments in theology from Karl Barth and the subsequent studies of G.C. Berkouwer. The Christian faith must not be taken in the form of “piecemeal apologetics” but instead “be set over against the non-Christian faith as a whole.” This work includes his studies on Epistemology, General Revelation, and the Attributes of God, among other studies in Christian theology.

For the Christadelphians which have their full library in the Logos System this book is one of the many other religious works we offer not only to the Logos Christadelphians but to all people who want to learn from the many religious works. This and other works may also be available at our other bible software product. (For Christadelphians for free, others for the market price except some modules we present also for free or for what they like to contribute to support our work, to interested followers).


Attributes of God

Only One God

God is One



  • NEW PDF: The Sovereignty of Grace by Cornelius Van Til (presupp101.wordpress.com)
    For your consideration, published in 1969 by P&R a relatively short (79 pages in Word) booklet by Cornelius Van Til entitled “The Sovereignty of Grace: An Appraisal of G. C. Berkhower’s View of Dordt”. The following quote is part of the conclusion:

    “Berkouwer was therefore leading us forward when, in his earlier works, he constantly pointed out that the Reformed doctrine of Scripture and the Reformed doctrine of salvation by grace alone as involved in one another stand alone in their final opposition to those who start from human subject as though it were autonomous.

  • Review: Bonhoeffer’s Theological Formation: Berlin, Barth, & Protestant Theology (iheartbarth.wordpress.com) Reblogged from For Christ and His Kingdom:
    A welcome volume on the development of Bonhoeffer’s theology and ethics with an eye toward the interrelations with Karl Barth. This will add to the glaring lacuna of Barth and Bonhoeffer’s dialectical relationship.
  • What is systematic theology? (altruistico.wordpress.com)
    “Systematic” refers to something being put into a system. Systematic theology  is, therefore, the division of theology into systems that explain its various  areas. For example, many books of the Bible give information about the angels.  No one book gives all the information about the angels. Systematic theology  takes all the information about angels from all the books of the Bible and  organizes it into a system called angelology. That is what systematic theology  is all about—organizing the teachings of the Bible into categorical  systems.
  • e-Book: Systematic Theology (WG) (amologetics.wordpress.com)
    The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introduction to systematic theology has several distinctive features
  • Van Til interacting with Bavinck and Calvin on Natural Theology (presupp101.wordpress.com)
    “According to Bavinck apologetics cannot precede systematics. A true apologetics, he says, presupposes dogma. 5 There is in Christian dogmatics no place for reason as an agency by which, independently of the truth of Christianity, a natural theology may be established. The Roman Catholics are mistaken when they seek to work out a natural theology independently of Scriptures. There was a time, says Bavinck, when Reformed theologians also fell into this mistake. So, for instance, S. Van Til divided his work on theology into two parts, one dealing with natural and one with revealed theology. 6 But all this, says Bavinck, was due to false philosophical influences upon theology.
  • Groody & Gutierrez (eds.), “The Preferential Option for the Poor beyond Theology” (clrforum.org)
    Next month, University of Notre Dame Press will publish The Preferential Option for the Poor beyond Theology edited by Daniel Groody (University of Notre Dame) and Gustavo Gutierrez (University of Notre Dame).
    The central focus of the book revolves around the question: How can one live a Christian life in a world of destitution? The contributors address the theological concept of the option for the poor as well as the ways it can shape our social, economic, political, educational, and environmental approaches to poverty.
  • Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 19 – Missionary Work – ‘To Reach Every Human Heart’, by Gary Carter (mormonisminvestigated.co.uk)
  • Don’t Follow Someone Blindly Just Because They Have a Title (anglismortes.wordpress.com)
    Just because they are a preacher doesn’t mean everything they say is right. if you think they are wrong stand up for it, make them prove their reasoning. to many of them preach their views without having scripture to back it up, this one in particular ignored the scripture we had to back up our rights to marriage. he said the scripture was wrong.
    So i’m not saying quit chruches or anything but if you disagree or you are unsure on what they are saying, have them back it up with scripture, then at least you have some way to interpret the scripture for yourself. there’s a reason why theres several types of bibles, because people don’t interpret the same line the same way. even from the bible.
    Reluctant Law Suit
    I dont know why church leaders can go behind someone, wrong him terribly and refuses to see the harm and hurt that has caused.
  • The United Miracle: A Mainline Seminary Turns from Liberalism to Orthodoxy (juicyecumenism.com)
    Not long ago, United Theological Seminary (UTS) in the Dayton, Ohio area was just another declining, has-been mainline seminary, facing ominous financial hardships, dominated by Scripture-demoting theological liberalism, and reflective of so much of what was wrong with its shrinking sponsoring denomination, the United Methodist Church. The former seminary of the Evangelical United Brethren (which merged with the Methodist Church to form the United Methodist Church in 1968) was founded by Bishop Milton Wright, father of the famed Wright brothers.

    Today, the school is a very different place than what many alumni experienced. It is now explicitly committed to a high view of biblical authority, “the historic Christian faith,” “the cultivation of holiness,” and “the renewal of the church.”

  • Why Evangelicals Need to Pay Attention to Bonhoeffer (endofgod.wordpress.com)
    Bonhoeffer shares with evangelicalism a deep concern for discipleship and personal commitment to the person of Jesus Christ. It is this concern that has garnered interest among many conservatives and evangelicals who have otherwise little in common with Bonhoeffer’s lutheranism or his liberal background. Christ is at the center in Bonhoeffer’s theology. In his thinking about the church, the life of the Christian, and the world, Christ is the Lord, His existential structure is to give himself away for that world.

With All I Am


The Bible, according to Reformed theologian and apologist Cornelius Van Til, is an absolute authoritative revelation source to which the whole interpretation of life ought to be based. Van Til’s An Introduction To Systematic Theology (1979) merged God-centered Reformed theology with presuppositional apologetic methodology.

In this work Van Til attempted to present what Scripture reveal about God in an organized and unified way.He aimed to explain that the ultimate source of truth and intrinsic value is not found in human beings but in God alone. Van Til combated all other philosophies that seeks to attain true self-knowledge and value in human beings.

Following John Calvin’s understanding that  “man never attains to a true self-knowledge until he has previously contemplated the face of God”(Calvin Inst. 1.1.2) Van Til argued that the knowledge of God as revealed in Scripture is the only standard by which all other conviction should…

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