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christadelphia Feb. 15 19.36In the past, specific religious news was placed on Christadelphian World. On that blog you could also find activities of several Christadelphian communities all over the world. The last few months several Christadelphians asked me to take away several articles announcing one or an other Bible Class, Bible Week-end,Bible Week or Bible Camp. Because the many articles taken away, there was or is not much left over to see of that Christadelphian World, so a better title could best be chosen. Therefore once again the older Multiply Christadelphian Journal, requested a name change.

After the closing of the MSN Groups we transferred a lot to Multiply and in 2010 we went over to WordPress. Friday, October 26, 2012, brought the then thought “transfer site Christadelphian World” in the stall of Blogger. changing all the links would take a lot of time. The amount of visitors grew fast, though not spectacular, with a dip in January 2014 and March 2014. (On March 21, 2014 the counter reaches 37.232 pageviews.)

Christadelphian World Name dropping in March 2014From now on, by taking away the word “Christadelphian” from the title, I will not feel restricted any-more to only present Christadelphian news and only news which could interest our Christian community. Today it can become an other platform to look at what is happening in general in the world. Now it does not have to be restricted only by Christadelphian ideas, but can be an open platform again to bring all sorts of new facts which can be interesting fro believing and active Christians, no matter from which denomination. Naturally I still shall write from my Christadelphian viewpoint and comment on the world events from my point of view.

The big difference with this (Stepping Toes) site is that here you shall be able to find many different voices. I shall not mind nor object other Christians to have a voice on this platform. As such here on Stepping Toes in the future you shall, like it happened previously, find reblogs of articles, the contributors to this lifestyle magazine find interesting for others to read. They may come from non-trinitarian but also (probably more) from trinitarian and even occasionally from non-religious or from other religious people, though the comments or introduction given to the article shall always be from a Christadelphian viewpoint.

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Attackers silenced freedom of speech

Warning: Those who like censor could be offended with our open-minded attitude to tackle a problem which we have encountered the last few months.

We do request those who can’t bear open speaking to abandon from reading this article, because they might, perhaps by prejudice or partiality, be offended.

Previous days and years

The last few days there did not seem to have come any opportunity to publish anything on this recently opened website on WordPress.

22102006 AC Distrubitie dag bijeenkomst

Members of our community at a meeting in the Christadelphian ecclesia Brussel-Leuven. – Heverlee, Leuven

The Belgian Christadelphian community has been under attack by a person who lives in the North of Europe and leads a prosperous organisation which tries to bring people all over the world under their spell.

For years now the Belgian Christadelphians had tried to work together with that man and his organisation, with the idea that people should unite in their force to bring people to Christ. It must be told that this guy converts a lot of people to Christianity and gets them baptised under Christ. In previous years he baptised them as Christadelphians, but we came to understand this could be called very doubtful in the present circumstances.

‘Being in’ or ‘Belonging to’ a group

Normally one would think when people are taken into a group, be it for example Anglicans, you would expect such persons baptised in that church would be welcome in any Anglican church and considered as Anglicans. But this man baptising his followers and leading an organisation that calls itself Christadelphian does everything so that their members would not associate with other members of the worldwide community of Christadelphian brothers and sisters.

After loads of correspondence and trials to reconcile the founder of this website, who is also the responsible for the Belgian Christadelphians, and member of the Central Fellowship, with that man and his organisation and the organisation which helps us, the Christadelphian Bible Mission or CBM, in the United Kingdom as in Belgium we came to understand that there is no way to talk reasonably with that man, and the organisation which seems to be blinded by that charismatic figure.

Belgian story

After months of patience, the community of Brethren and Sisters in Christ, under the CBM, came to the conclusion we had to stop trying to come to terms with that man of the North and his organisation. By taking distance from this terrible division we clearly stepped on that man his toes. Probably for that reason he continued even more to twist our words and talked slanderous about Mr. Ampe, calling Marcus Ampe now the cause of all the problems and accusing him of slander. Therefore Marcus Ampe went in to defence and made clear why the Christadelphian community in Belgium could not give any addresses in Belgium of that man his organisation, because they did not allow us to have the addresses where people could come together to study the Bible and to have worship together.

We would have loved to see the different groups of Christadelphians having come together in unity, but because that person and his organisation not willing to share meetings with our members, we just could not help those people who asked us for advice and help.

Not willing to Care

The organisation which has the word “Care” in its name did not seem to care that the very few in Belgium could not have gatherings in unity. It looks like they are more concerned in their own membership and followers who want to say and do everything like they want it to be done. For us this became smelling more like being a cult or sect, which does not wonder us why we often are asked if or are accused of the Christadelphians being a cult. Though normally Christadelphians have no specific worldly leader, or any order of ranking, like you can find in so many Christian organisations or denominations, so no pope, cardinals and bishops. We all consider ourselves under the leadership of Jesus Christ. He is our cornerstone who leads us to his Father. All of those who come to be baptised under the name of Jesus Christ, are considered equal brothers and sisters of Christ.


Marcus Ampe in 2006

Therefore it is also ridiculous of the organisation to consider that Mr. Ampe from Belgium would have been able to have a worldwide exclusion of the man of the North for the Christadelphian community. He even never disfellowshipped the man of the North, so why should the organisation from the Australian division request Mr. Ampe to restore fellowship in the Christadelphian community. It is to attribute Mr. Ampe with a power no one has in our Christian community. He is well aware of that and never claimed to have such a position or never demanded other Christadelphians not meeting with the Man from the North.

Living in the world obliged to laws and regulations

We do know we are living in this world and as such are bounded to regulations of this world, like having to pay our taxes and to confer other worldly obligations. As such, we also do need a working structure and an office. Mr. Marcus Ampe takes care of those duties in Belgium. For this he also has the responsibility to try to make the daily duties work. He not only has to provide material for the services and make arrangements so that the baptised people can come together; he also has to protect them and to make sure the community or parishes are kept clean of teachings and safe for all members who want to join.

ScreenHunter_35 Feb. 15 10.47

Christadelphia Facebook page not available, or blacked-out on 2014 February 15

Having confronted with the person of the North, trying to jam the Christadelphian movement in Belgium, he felt pressed to undertake action and to defend his actions. For that reason he placed his defence on his religious website Christadelphian World and put notices up on his Facebook and the Christadelphia Facebook page. Being confronted that the truth about this dilemma was put onto the net the accuser felt bitten and wanted to have Marcus Ampe his Facebook close down. We where warned of this request to close down the Facebook account by that man, but the Facebook site of Mr Ampe stayed public. (Though surprise today 15/02/2014 there was a picture of a wounded thumb up saying the page did not exist any-more.)

Black-out of Christadelphian World

Christadelphian World 11 Nov 2013Going further in the attack, we cannot tell if it was the man of the North himself or one of his co-workers, they succeeded to silence Marcus Ampe his voice on Blogger. Incredible, but true, Christadelphian World was silenced under the norm “inappropriate postings”. As soon as Marcus Ampe got to see that his website was obstructed for public viewing he send in a request to Google to reconsider their action. Later that day the main postings seemed to be available to the public again, but all the comments where and are still not visible to the public today (Saturday 15 February 2014).

It is unbelievable that someone could close down a website for reasons which make no serious ground to do such a thing. We do know “truth may hurt one mentally as much as an antiseptic balm may hurt on a wound”, like Vichar Prachar says it so nicely in his article Freedom of Speech and the Right to Offend. Sometimes we come to a point where we do have to bring the dirty linen into the open. First the people in Belgium tried to solve the matter between themselves with the man from the North. Afterwards we brought in the linkman from our British main organisation CBM. Than the CBM linkman tried to bring CBM in reconciliation with the man from the North and the organisation linked with him. Following the Christian rule of have first no witnesses, than two witnesses, then more witnesses from the own community, we did have to bring it more into the open because people from outside our organisation where also affected.

To wash one’s dirty linen in public

We do not like it at all to bring out internal matters, but this situation has ran our of hand and the accuser attacks us with all he can do.

The Belgian Christadelphians have showed patience for more than one year, and tried sincerely to bring all baptised Christadelphian members, be it Amended or non-amended, or from any group linked with one or the other organisation, together.

The Belgian Christadelphian also sincerely tried and still try to spread the Good News of the Gospel, and want to unite all people who would like to follow Jeshua, the Nazarene Jewish rabbi, who is better known in the West as Jesus Christ. He is the Messiah and should be our only mediator between God and man. According to our faith it is Jesus people have to follow and not one or the other organisation. We should all be parts of the body of Christ and feel united as such.

When washing has to be done, those who are made dirty should have to receive the opportunity to be cleansed. We also consider that all things should be made clear and to do so everybody should have the right to speak openly.

The Indian writer says also:

A society that endeavors to consist of an enlightened citizenship will always put Truth central to its constitutional preamble. Our constitutional visionaries took vision from an age old Dharmic saying ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and enshrined it in our Constitution. Yet we have been only paying lip service to the underlying importance this has towards developing an enlightened, civilized and developed society. We have been steadily contorting ‘abuse’ to imply ‘offense’ and ‘hurt’ irrespective whether the hurt or offense is caused by Truth or untruth.

Imposing their will on others

Freedom of Speech (preliminary version)

Freedom of Speech (preliminary version) (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

The person from the North and his organisation do want to have to tell things in the world, want to take on ministerial positions, but do not want to accept the political controversy with it. Those involved in politics should know that they always stand open for criticism. In case they can not endure such criticism they better would withdraw and do other things, but not wanting to take the lead.

In case every politician could silence a website or newspaper when criticism was given on him or her or on the work of the party, or when they told the truth, many websites would face a close-down and many papers would fall in oblivion. But clearly than our world would be in dictatorship. In the West we can not accept that we would be placed under absolute or despotic control or power.

Pointing out such a danger of having being censored, though Marcus Ampe is only a very, very small player on the field, he now had to go into the pen for more than one reason. Such a jamming of his writings and a censoring of the commentators, without him being consulted or having the possibility to keep the postings on the net, are an infringement of freedom of public speech.

Unwanted and dangerous censorship

A good example of how in the past also one certain church wanted to silence other believers. – In “Panegyricae orationes septem” (1596) Henric van Cuyck, a Dutch Bishop, defended the need for censorship. Van Cuyck argued that Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press had resulted in a world infected by “pernicious lies.” He singled out the Talmud and the Qu’ran, and the writings of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin and Erasmus of Rotterdam.

This whole situation seems ridiculous, but we do have to question, in case some organisations can silence ordinary folks, what can be done to silence those who really bring out a voice which can change a country? Such blue-pencil, having done its work, for such a small website should make us all think about the power certain organisations and blog-providers may have. The black-out of Christadelphian World and the censor having brought on by Google on Marcus Ampe his Google+ account should have us all think about the danger of such actions to which the involved persons do seem not to be able to do something against. They even were not consulted or could give any defence for their writing.

We know Marcus Ampe does not take any important position in blogging world, and his writings shall never reach so many people, because the subject he writes about, most people are not interested in. But having him to be silenced, though everybody may come to see his writings are not offensive at all, should make question about the liberty of speaking out freely. When you consider how much spam every day comes into our mailboxes and how many porn sites and websites about violence and with awful words can be seen by many every day on the internet, without them being black-out, we may wonder in what sort of world we have come to live in. Mr. Ampe’s writings are integer and about what is happening in the world as seen from a Christadelphian and Christian viewpoint. If he gets silenced one can wonder why so many others have not been silenced, though they hurt many people, use a much more inappropriate language than Mr. Ampe.
This Marcus Ampe, though coming from the performing world also may not be confused with an other Mr. Marcus, who is an an American pornographic actor who in 2012, was the main person in a syphilis-infection scandal in California when several porn-performers were infected during video production.

Please: Look for yourself

We would like to ask our readers to look for themselves. In case they can (again) view the writings on Christadelphian World, that they let us know if those writings are so offensive or so dangerous as others want the public to believe. Let us also know if the comments are visible again and if in it are used inappropriate words. Our community want to learn, so we do not mind response.

This annoying situation has consumed lots of time of several of our members. We came to the conclusion we shall have to row on our own and shall have to find ways to reach the Belgian public, without help of outsiders.
The Belgian Christadelphians do want to buckle their belt and continue the necessary work of preaching.. We do not mind to make shift with what we may have in our small country. To make the best of it, any help is naturally welcome, spiritual and/or financial support. Mostly we would appreciate already the spiritual support, to encourage us to continue spreading the Word of God.

We shall soon take up again our regular duties and bring the Gospel of the Good News. But this time we were so ‘flappergasted’ (taken by) the bad news, we did have to share it with our regular readers and with those who are interested in what is happening in the religious world in Belgium.

In the time we are

Deutsch: Christadelphian-Gemeindehaus in Esslingen

Christadelphian – Community house in Esslingen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We do know in what sort of time we probably have come. In the Bible we can find many prophesies and also prophesies about the end-times. A prediction of what shall happen in the world when it comes closer to the end makes us aware we shall have to endure certain attacks, which shall even come from those we considered to be our brothers.
Reading the Bible and finding many answers in it, we also come to know there will be an even greater need for believers to be in harmony and to pray together as our world starts to fall apart. Therefore we would like all those who believe in the Divine Creator, to join hands, preach the Gospel of the Good News and the coming Kingdom of God.


Please do find

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A screenshot of the default WordPress theme.

A screenshot of the default WordPress theme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • On the site of ABC you may find the article Who are the Christadelphians? (blogs.abc.net.au) where a wrong picture is given of our community. Though we do agree like in any denomination you may find very conservative groups but also very progressive groups in our community.+
    “it sounds like Vanessa belonged to an extreme group. Adelaide is not typical of Christadelphians worldwide. I’m a Christadelphian from the UK and I can safely say that those I mix with enjoy a drink, theatre going, football, movies, read lots of novels, wear scarlet – and yes we bring friends home.I’m sorry that Vanessa seems to have had a poor experience of Christadelphians. We’re not all so insular. But yes we believe the Bible and try to follow its principles in our lives. In this messed up world to keep focused on the big picture of the Return of Christ and his kingdom on earth is a certain hope. It’s a true hope – Bible prophecy about the Jews is compelling evidence.” Sarah Joiner
  • Marching not to war (christiantoday.com)
    Britain was virtually alone in recognising the rights of COs and this clause was seen as a major coup for the No Conscription Fellowship and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The latter was a Christian ecumenical movement which had long campaigned for such recognition.The Fellowship of Reconciliation arose out of a friendship between a German Lutheran and English Quaker. Friedrich Siegmund-Schultz and Henry Theodore Hodgkin met at an ecumenical conference in Switzerland that was disrupted by the onset of war.
  • Cory Bernardi and Freedom of Speech (andrewwhalan.com)
    The problem with that is my explicit and implicit attitude : the only person who should exercise freedom of speech is me and me alone.Which means I can enjoy my moment of free speech. And silence everyone else’s freedom of speech.Which mean freedom of speech is lost in the long run for me and for everyone else.
  • Taking offence and freedom of speech (blogs.spectator.co.uk)
    All religious groups benefit from freedom of speech, because their beliefs have the power to offend others. As our leading article this week sets out, that includes the rather mild and doddery-seeming Church of England, which teaches that personal sin is a serious matter requiring repentance. That’s the sort of thing that can offend people, too, but the Church and other groups benefit from the freedom to say it. Religious groups who argue for curbs on freedom of speech must realise that in the end, this would damage their own freedom too, not just that of others they don’t like.


    The fanatical ideologists need to be defeated, either they accept this free democracy or go and live elsewhere. They have nothing to offer us and we do not want anything from them. Spectator journos should pop out to Tower Hamlets or further north, and see the level of islamification of this green and pleasant land.

  • Silence is the true freedom. (priscillaescamilla28.wordpress.com)
    Silence is power, / the freedom of speech is nothing but a lying blood sucking leach,
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    With our faith being ridiculed and mocked and a government increasingly hostile to our practicing our faith. We see a rampant increase of sexual immorality and perversion along with an assault on a on our children by forcing them to accept this behavior as normal.We pray for wisdom for our leaders and for God to intercede. But what if God has other plans? What if God were to bring a Moses forth? Would we recognise and welcome him? If he wanted to lead us to a different place, would we go?

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  • Basic Resources for the “7 Year Home Study Seminary Doctorate” (sevenyearstudy.wordpress.com)
    I would argue that the advantage of Logos as a resource for the home education endeavor is found in the extensive selection of resources available for purchase through the website. I often compare the prices with Amazon and find that resources available through Logos are simply not available for purchase. Another advantage with digital copies is the lack of shipping cost and the lack of clutter/bulk that comes with a large print library.
  • The Christadelphian Bible Truth & Prophecy Video Vault (therugbychristadelphians.wordpress.com)
    We have included a wide range of subject matter, including many videos of our prophecy days held here in Rugby annually,but most of our videos cover what we term the First Principles – i.e, that knowledge essential for salvation.
  • Wilhelmus Brakel: The Christian’s Reasonable Service (withalliamgod.wordpress.com)
    The supreme object of God’s servants’ desire and delight is living a life in accordance to the will of God. In order to do so, God’s servants must know God. Systematical knowledge of God and practical application of that knowledge in ordinary Christians’ lives is the heart of Wilhelmus à Brakel’s (1635-1711), one of the less known but most eloquent Reformed minister and theologian, masterwork The Christian’s Reasonable Service. This masterwork is 17th century’s Didache. Brakel unloaded unmatched practical and systematic theology that would not only lead its readers to delight in God but also to personally apply the biblical truth acquired in their daily conducts.
  • Church-Planting Missionaries Receive Generous Gift from Southern Baptist Convention (virtual-strategy.com)

    Church-planting missionaries who are a part of the NAMB Send Network each received a Logos Bible Software Silver base package, including nearly 700 resources worth more than $13,000 in print. The gift also includes a six-month license to Logos’ Proclaim Church Presentation Software.

    “The Logos Bible Software library will be a great blessing to our church planters,” said Micah Millican, director of church-planter relations at NAMB. “Most planters have limited resources and limited space, so a digital library like this will be useful and appreciated.”

    Aaron Linne, Logos Bible Software’s director of church products, said, “Church planters are some of the most amazing people I know. With full schedules and modest finances, dedicating resources and shelf space to a library of books and commentaries is hard for many to do.” However, Logos has been expanding its bulk-licensing options for ministries, making it possible for churches, colleges and ministry groups to make cost-effective Bible study tools available for entire organizations at once. “We’re excited to be a part of presenting an entire suite of study and collaboration tools for church planters. With the core Logos software, they get a whole library of resources and insights, with Proclaim they can build the presentation for Sunday morning and with Faithlife.com they can communicate with their church online for free,” Linne said.

  • iPads in the Pulpit (bibledesignblog.com)
    Writing for the Gospel Coalition blog, Matthew Barrett shared the concern earlier this week that the replacement of physical Bibles with iPads in the pulpit, while a “subtle shift,” comes with several potential dangers. His post –– “Dear Pastor, Bring Your Bible to Church” –– got a lot of people thinking, which is to say, it got them riled up.An iPad in the pulpit, Barrett contends, sends a different message than a physical Bible to the congregation, because people associate the iPad with media consumption. The physical book we now think of as the text, whereas we still distinguish between the e-reader, a technological device for consuming the text, and the text itself. When the pastor flashes his iPad, we see the device, not the Bible.
  • Good Free App of the Day: The Bible App for Kids (#1 on Education App Charts!) (smartappsforkids.com)
    There is a brand new app topping the Free apps in Education chart, and it’s just in time for this first Sunday in Advent. LifeChurch.tv has developed an app great for young children to learn more about the Bible, including the story of the First Christmas.The Bible App for Kids is totally free! Read on to download it today to enjoy six current animated stories, perfect for toddlers through early elementary.
  • This is the most delightful Bible – The Chronological Life Application Study Bible (christeien.com)
    I was surprised to find that this Chronological Life Application Bible was the most enjoyable and intriguing Bible for me. The full color print, charts, profiles and timelines are helpful and the Life application notes help remind me of ways the passage can be applied to peoples lives. There is a King James and a New Living Translation Second Edition (NLT is not a paraphrase) version of this Chronological Bible.


Image representing Xanga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Enkele jaren geleden werden de Christadelphians geconfronteerd met het feit dat zij op verscheiden Xanga websites dingen lazen die niet in overeenstemming waren met de waarheid of zeker een reactie vereisten. Men kon echter enkel reageren op dat platform als men lid was van Xanga. Na lang twijfelen besloten wij uiteindelijk ons aan te sluiten en vervolgens ook een Xanga website te maken waarbij wij uiting gaven aan onze ‘reactionaire instelling’, bij wijze van spreken. Wij wilden niet echt tegendraads zijn, maar mits wij zo veel websites tegen kwamen waarop wij moesten reageren en misschien op hun tenen trappen, besloten wij de fotoachtergrond van stappende voeten ook in de tittel van de site op te nemen waaruit “Stepping toes” geboren werd.

Multiply ChristadelphiansNa de confrontatie van de teloorgang van Multiply en de noodzaak om de vele artikelen van Bijbelonderzoekers en Christadelphians terug op het net beschikbaar te brengen, werden wij nu nogmaals geconfronteerd meet het verliezen van enkele artikelen die geplaatst waren op Xanga.

Omdat het niet lukte die artikelen te integreren op de Blogger site Christadelphian World of een nieuw aangemaakte Bloggersite hebben wij uiteindelijk geprobeerd de teksten op een WordPress site beschikbaar te maken. Hier zijn wij dan!

Nu al dat werk moest verricht worden vroeg ik mij af of wij hier geen nieuw platform voor bevraging in opmerkingen konden waar maken. Een plek waar opvallende gebeurtenissen voor het voetlicht konden gebracht worden en waar tegenstrijdige dingen konden besproken en wie weet uitgeklaard worden.

Wij zullen de kat uit de boom zien en afwachten welk een bezoekersresultaten wij kunnen verwerven met onze apart geplaatste artikelen, die niet echt op onze Ecclesia site passen, waar eigenlijk aandacht wordt gegeven aan wat er in de gemeenschap en in de dienst wordt besproken of samen gaat met de Bijbellezingen van die periode.

Met de Multiplysites dachten wij ook eerst een Transfer website geopend te hebben op Blogger maar spoedig bleek dat die nieuwe wegzetplaats beter een eigen zelfstandig leven kon gaan leiden. Al de vele samengebrachte artikelen lokken voorlopig ook de meeste lezers per dag. Alsook geeft het ons de gelegenheid te linken naar artikelen daar zonder dat er telkens een ‘backlink’ wordt geplaatst.

This is icon for social networking website. Th...Met Stepping Toes zal het zeker wel niet zo een vaart lopen; Het betreft trouwens maar een handvol (15) overgenomen artikelen. Maar indien het de moeite waard zou zijn om hier ook reacties op het wereldgebeuren te plaatsen of liefst in de toekomst meerdere schrijvers hier aan het werk te zien, zou dat fijn zijn en het waard maken om Stepping Toes een nieuwe levensfase te laten in gaan.

Hetgeen wij hier aan het woord willen laten komen zal hoe dan ook steeds gerelateerd kunnen worden naar de wereld, de plaats waar wij vertoeven en het beste moeten trachten te maken van ons en anderen hun leven. Hier willen wij ook een halttoe roepen aan al het negativisme maar ook aan onze maatschappij die iedereen een bepaald uniform wil aanpassen en bij zovelen doet verlangen dat zij toch maar in het juiste kadertje zouden passen. De sociale netwerken helpen daar sterk aan mee om mensen te verblinden en in de luren te leggen en om werelden voor te leggen die niet zo zijn. Hoe velen doen zich op hun Facebookpagina’s niet beter voor dan dat zij werkelijk zijn en gebuirken de sociale media om te pochen en hun droomwerleldje als de ‘goede wereld’ voor te stellen?

Wij geloven er sterk in dat iedereen in de wereld zijn steentje kan bijdragen om tot een betere gemeenschap te geraken. Het zijn de hersenspinsels van de mensen die maken dat zij op bepaalde manieren gaan handelen. Dat denken en handelen kan door anderen ook gestuurd of geleid worden, tot zelfs verandert worden. Vaak beseffen mensen niet wat een macht zij in zich zelf hebben om toch veranderingen voor het goede te bewerkstelligen.
De negativiteit die wij rondom ons zien hoeft niet het geheel te verbrodden. Als wij de leugens en ongerechtigheden vrij laten gebeuren zullen die negatieve elementen verder woekeren als onkruid. In ons hebben wij de juiste middelen om er ons tegen te beschermen maar ook om er ons tegen te verweren en het te vernietigen, ook al zal het moeilijk zijn om het uit te roeien. Onkruid vergaat niet, en zo is het ook gesteld met de negativiteit in de wereld. Natuurlijk onkruid heeft echter haar naam slecht gekregen, daar deze kruiden wel voor veel goeds kunnen bezorgen in thees, oplossingen en medicamenten. Wat eerst zo negatief lijkt in de natuur kan dus ook wel eens goed voor ons zijn. Zo ook is het met wat op het eerste zicht verschrikkelijk kan lijken of ruikt naar ketterij. Meerdna eenszal men kunnen verstomd staan dat datgene waar men eerst negatief tegenover stond of zelfs eerst tegen vocht, misschien wel dat goede kan zijn. Daarom is het essentieel om alles grondig te onderzoeken en voor nader onderzoek bloot te leggen. Dat is dan ook wat wij graag op deze site willen doen.

Wij danken de lezers die de weg naar hier gevonden hebben en een kijkje willen nemen in ons artikelen aanbod op deze en andere websites. Zij zullen kunnen merken dat wij niet enkel naar artikelen van onze denominatie zullen linken , maar ook open staan om andere denkers en schrijvers aan het woord te laten.

Hopelijk zullen ook meerdere mensen hier een woordje willen mee delen met anderen.

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New platform for Stepping Toes

Image representing Xanga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

On 2011/09/28 the Christadelphians could not stand it any more they had to face the many untrue sayings on Xanga websites without having the possibility to react. For that reason the Christadelphians became also a member of Xanga and started with their own pages on that platform. “Stepping toes” came into existence. It did not refer to the 1938 British musical film directed by John Baxter starring Hazel Ascot, Enid Stamp-Taylor and Jack Barty, made by Two Cities Films. Though having the ambition to become a tap dancer requires also lots of guts. {Film Stepping Toes}  Today it may demand guts, nerves, spunk, grit and courage, to say what you think and it requires patience and discipline to be able to discuss about  dissension. To accept discord is not so easy any more in our current environment. Peaceful disagreement is something weird for many. Though it should be possible to be is discord and to discuss it peacefully. And that is what that platform wanted to offer. It did not want to sow discord but wanted to solve the battle between those who did not like each others ideas or where there was a disproportionate situation.Multiply Christadelphians

Last Sunday they were surprised to note that their site could not be reached any more because Xanga had stopped giving her free service to bloggers. Some time ago Multiply also had stopped providing the free service of having webpages and groups, but they at least warned in time their writers and readers that they were planning to shut down the Multiply formula of free blogging.

WordPressOn Sunday I tried to transfer the Xanga writings from the Christadelphian Xanga site unto the Blogger site “Christadelphian World” but could not succeed. I also tried than to make a new ‘Stepping Toes’ in blogger and to transfer the XML files in there, but that did not succeed either. Therefore I tried to place them in WordPress and got them here where you can find us now.

Having the writings standing open to the public on this seperate blog is a testcase to see how many people we get to these sometimes, for many, controversial writings and to see if it be worthwhile to bring more writings about subjects where there is a lot of debate going on, or which seem to be strange in our world. For example having the Catholic Church in Belgium forbidding the priest to bring prayer services and Eucharistic services (masses) is other places than the churchbuilding of the Roman Catholic Church. I would call that Sunday October 6 news  a controversial idea, having a religious organisation claiming to have all rights on the place of prayer.

English: Roman Catholic church, Târgovişte, Ro...So it may be others threading on someone’s toes or we ringing a bell about a certain situation in the world which should receive our attention. It may be a political as well as a religious matter. There are many things in the world we should not let go unnoticed. Though some may think when we talk or discus those things which happens in the world we are politically active, which according them would not be allowed, we would say that we do live in this world and are part of it and should protect all those without a voice (like plants and animals) and those who dare or can not speak, the poor ones and those in need. We also should come up for the Creation of the Most High and make sure that people will get to know who is behind it all. The world may be in denial but alert people not. We should guard against malpractices and wrong-sayings and keep a watchful eye on the development of this world.

We would like to bring a wake-up call and in our spryness be on the watchtower to look out for the promised one coming back.

For some it may look strange we also put quotes from people and links to organisations who may not think like us, but we do believe in open-mindedness and open dialogue. We are also not thinking we alone do have all the truth and we are aware nobody can know everything. But we believe we can learn from everybody and from everything. So we do have our eyes and ears open to what is said and done in this world, where we would like to see as many people as possible living together in peace.

It is not because we may irritates some people with our thoughts that we would like to go into a battle with that person. Our aim is to let everybody see that there may be different viewpoints in the world, but that they may live peacefully together in the same community.

May we express the hope we shall be able to encounter many interesting people with different viewpoints, who do not mind to share their ideas in a peaceful manner, hoping that every other person shall be able to grow with respect and shall get more insight how others think and in what they say and mean.

We shall see how it works out and how we can stimulate each other to look more in details and to explore the rest of the world.

We thank all those people who do not mind to take time to read our musings and are also thankful to those who do not mind to share their thoughts.

Hoping you may like to be with us, we look forward to your return.

God bless.


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We do not have any pictures of the old Xanga website,
nor from the first try out or essay on WordPress.
From the Aumn 2013 Stepping Toes went on line as:

Stepping Toes -aim Nov. 14 14.12

  • Xanga now runs on WordPress (poststat.us)
    Xanga is one of the oldest hosted blogging platforms out there. This summer, they embarked on a crowd-funding campaign to reboot the platform, with a goal of porting everything to WordPress.
  • Moving is Never Easy… (mjk1221.wordpress.com)
    I knew years ago that Xanga was a gamble to keep blogging on when blogging took its nosedive and Blogger and WordPress emerged. Either of them were a solid choice, but I was being stubborn since I’ve been on Xanga since my high school days (Sept 20, 2003 was my first post) and far before either ever became popular. Consistency, right? Well, Xanga has converted to Xanga 2.0 and though I could keep blogging there, it’s going to be a while for them to get it up and running and I could sign-up for Premium (only $48 for a year), but I figure I’ll start migrating myself somewhere else.
  • Constructing an Identity: New Media and “Becoming-other” (jasonorous.wordpress.com)
    New Media platforms are considerably trendy and multiform in today’s world. No matter where you go on the Web, if you stumble upon something newsworthy (read current), you are likely able to share whatever that is on a variety of linked social media websites. Here I have already invoked the term ‘social media,’ which I think can be used synonymously with new media. Although, the term ‘New Media’ can mean different things to different people, depending on the media’s function.
    With little interest in congruency where that was concerned, I began to compulsively use LiveJournal in an attempt to come to self-knowledge in a world that did not make any sense to me. My LiveJournal account has since become a hideous intrigue, being the only testament to my teenage years which still exists online.
    Furthermore, I was active on a ProBoards forum a friend set up, where a group of twenty of us or so talked about books, religion, philosophy, and engaged in a nerdy role-play where each of us added a fantasy narrative onto a friend’s preceding post (I shouldn’t have to mention this, but the goal was literary; not sexual…). However, this was a peripheral activity for me, overshadowed by how much time I spent on LiveJournal.
    MySpace (as LiveJournal had been before it) was just as existentially jarring to me as it was liberating. Here was somewhere I could be myself without the fear of rejection or alienation. I could experiment and channel ideas through my mental framework which felt empowering, but it was all essentially a facade for my undeveloped real self. Needless to say, homecoming was an abysmal failure, and so was dropping out of school, for
    Rheingold says regarding cyberspace, “the most obvious identity swindles will die out only when enough people learn to use the medium critically.” Therefore, let us hope that future digital natives (especially those inclined to certain dispositions like myself) have the proper wisdom imparted to them so they may regard technology critically, as something to be used meaningfully and without troublesome consequences.
  • Xanga fights for its life with crowdfunding bid (dailydot.com)
    For more than a dozen years—an eon in digital terms—Xanga has been revamping and reformatting itself. It has mutated from a site to share book and movie reviews into a blogging platform that eventually added social profiles, video/photo/audio uploading, and Pulse, a “miniblog” feature accessible by cellphone.
    If this sounds hopelessly convoluted and fairly unenticing in a world where people connect via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram for free, that’s because it is. Saving Xanga this way would be, at best, a Sisyphean task. How long can one keep pushing that boulder up the hill?
    The alternative option, as outlined on the Crowdhoster page, seems much more attractive: offer everyone a free download of their own blog posts, then pull the plug with some dignity left intact.
  • xanga? (superdedooper.wordpress.com)