Happiness an inner state

Happiness is an inner state, influenced by external conditions but not dependent on them

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie > Geluk een innerlijke toestand


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  • Happy/ hap.py/ ‘hape/ adj (comm663.wordpress.com)
    Happy is a tick. A twitch. A tingle. A trigger. / Happy is a laugh. A tear. A smile. A glare or a stair.
    Happiness is a word addict’s use a lot in recovery.
    No matter what you are facing in your life the road to happiness has to do with accepting the things you cannot change. The poorest person in the worst neighborhood can be the happiest soul alive because they accept what they cannot change. However the most powerful part is “the courage to change the things I can”. That poorest boy in the worst neighborhood might just have the courage to step outside into the unknown, break a pattern, change a cycle and maybe if he choses that path it will lead him to happiness. I urge you all to look at the things you Can and the things you Can Not change, come to a place of “serenity” with them and see if that leads you to happiness.
  • Finally Happy. (emyay95.wordpress.com)
    “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”
    It came with time. It came with the slow realization that I deserve way more than I’ve been settling for the past two years. It came with finally finding myself again, and being able to be happy again.
  • Secret to happiness (1000charactersorless.wordpress.com)
    Secret to happiness is that there is no secret. Do the things that you love and  focus on your goals and dreams. Stop giving fawk about everything else that doesn’t matter.
  • Happiness (thankyousiralex.wordpress.com)
    They have even defined and explained the meaning of Happiness in dictionaries and grammar and yet most people “want” to be happy, “aim” to be happy, it’s like life time achievement or once in a life time state for people to use the word happiness and happy to describe themselves.there are so many quotes about happiness and state of being happy and what being happy means and how it feels. Best thing is people quote these quotes on their social media updates and books and write them on note books and use them in sentences and their speech specially for competitive speeches.so many philosophers and scientists and sociologists and other people of every discipline you can think of have researched and published their findings about happy and happiness. how it feels to be happy, what a man does when he is happy and what he should do to become happy.
  • Heaven Hell And Happiness (versaandyou.co)
    To dare to live a life of happiness, love and joy can be intimidating or frightening. It is also very rewarding. Many people claim to be happy who do not even know what happiness is. You must learn the meaning of happiness. You must feel good about yourself and your activities. Happiness is the absence of anger, hate, jealousy, and self-pity. Sustained happiness comes with long term goals you actually pursue. Sustained happiness comes when you determine your own lessons to learn. Avoid the danger of penalizing yourself by harboring feelings of unworthiness.
  • What Drives Us? Why Happiness Should Fuel Our Lives (daily-illuminations.com)
    Happiness is what drives us to succeed, to make money, to gain respect and recognition. The human race pursues these factors because we believe they will make us happy.
    Happiness takes practice. It’s a fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality, where by telling yourself everyday – everyday- that you are happier, everyday you will be. By using discipline in your actions and your thoughts, everyday, you can improve upon your everyday happiness.
  • Happiness Log Technique (pieceofmindfulness.wordpress.com)
    I know in today’s world everyone is always busy with this or that but it’s really important to sit to put aside some time to focus on your happiness. It’s not only good for your mental state, but it will make everything you do that much better!