Majority of US weapons promised to Ukraine in February delivered

Majority of US weapons promised to Ukraine in February delivered

March 4,2022

The United States has already delivered more than two thirds of the arms it promised in late February to Ukraine, whose forces are “effectively” using them to push back the Russians, a Pentagon official said Friday.
On February 26, Washington authorized $350 million of military equipment — the largest such package in US history — to bolster Kyiv against the Russian invasion, which began last week. An official with the US State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs told Congress this week that the package aimed to

“provide urgently needed ammunition, Javelin anti-tank missiles and the Stinger man portable air defense systems to Ukraine.”

Her testimony officially confirmed for the first time America’s delivery of the high-tech Stingers, which can be used to shoot down low-flying aircraft. The Pentagon official told reporters that out of the $350 million,

“we have already delivered to the Ukrainians $240 million-worth of that package, including some of the most needed capabilities like anti-armour capabilities.”

Having identified the king of Daniel 11 v 36-39 as Gog – the ruler of the Russian people – the king of the north – we can now see that the king of the south will “push” at him. The king of the south is US / UK predominately – as mentioned in Ezekiel 38 the parallel passage to Daniel 11:36 to the end. The push from the king of the south against Gog is a provocation – something painful. The word “push” is the Hebrew word to “gore” as in an animal with a horn attacking. A goat or bull goring you would be very painful although not life threatening in most cases. In this sense we are looking for a direct military provocation against Gog. Gog was originally a real and historical person and ruled the Magogites. These people lived in Southern Russia. Notice how the article says that US weapons are being used to “PUSH” back the Russians….

And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: (Daniel 11:40)

KEY POINT – notice the colon at the end of “push at him:” The colon in the original text denotes a time gap. Russia doesn’t instantly come down into Israel. The inner ring war happens in this short gap of time

Andy Walton


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