Understanding God’s Wrath

In the garden of Eden man has made the choice to do without God. It was man who abandoned the Divine Creator and not the other way, like so many want to present it.

There does not exist a God Who gives to His creation an eternal punishment, except when you would call death that eternal punishment. When after the return of Christ Jeshua shall have judged the people, they either shall enter the Kingdom of God or will receive their second death, meaning it shall be totally finished with them. When death, there is no feeling at all, it is just the end of the being. The dead shall not be tortured for ever like some denominations in Christendom and in a few other religions want people to believe.

God is a god of love and He shall provide those who love Him with the blessings He wants to give them. The anger of God has come already a few times over the world, but His anger is not kept all the time. It is not wrath of envy like by human beings. It can be a short rage, like we have seen some examples in the past.

Each person has the free choice to go in a nice or in no relationship with the Creator. The consequence of denying the Divine Creator shall only be that people who do not need God shall not have to blame Him for not finding life.

To remember:

  • We reap what we sow


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    The paradox of politics for Rousseau was the question of, “Which comes first, good people or good laws?”  In other words, how can a democracy be legitimate when the legitimacy comes from the democracy itself which is to be founded? There is always the problem of delimiting the people and deciding who speaks for them. It is never a fixed entity, and certain groups are always excluded. According to Bonnie Honig in her book Emergency Politics: Paradox, Law and Democracy, “…even established regimes are hardly rendered immune by their longevity to the paradoxical difficulty that Rousseau names… the paradox of politics is replayed rather than overcome in time” (EP, 14).


sowing seed by IRRI Photos

Today’s reading is Galatians 6.

I don’t want to take away from seeing eternal punishment as God’s wrath poured out on sin, but Paul presents another facet of looking at this in Galatians 6. We reap what we sow. If we sow to the Spirit, we will reap the natural consequences of that–connection to God through the Spirit and eternal fellowship with Him. On the other hand, if we sow to the flesh, we will reap the natural consequences of that–corruption, sin and eternal separation from God. We must not see God’s wrath as if it is some fickle thing administered on people because they happened to get on His bad side. God’s wrath is the natural consequence on those who have told God through their lives that they don’t really want to be in relationship with Him. Eventually, as much as it pains Him, God will say to…

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11 thoughts on “Understanding God’s Wrath

  1. Edwin Crozier replied on December 12, 2014 at 9:58 am and said:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for joining the conversation. I appreciate you reblogging this post.
    Your comment does get to the heart of what I was trying to point out, however, I think the direction is a little different. It seems to me, based on Scripture, that the two eternal options are eternal fellowship with God or eternal separation from God. I don’t see anywhere in Scripture an option of complete cessation of existence. God has created us to be in eternal fellowship with Him. But if we refuse that, if we keep Him at arm’s length, we will ultimately be separated from Him.

    Imagine what that must be like? Imagine what existing in a state of utter separation from God must feel like? As I asserted in my post, I don’t want to take away from the idea of God’s wrath poured out on those who rebel against Him. But another way of looking at this is simply healthy boundaries. If we abandon Him, He will abandon us and leave us in the absolute torment of utter separation. What a frightening thought?

    It’s not a hate thing. It is a healthy boundaries thing. God wants a deep relationship with us, but He is not codependent on us bending His boundaries because He is desperate for us to be in a relationship with Him. If we keep Him at arm’s length, eventually, He’ll say, “Fine. Have it your way.” And what an unpleasant and horrific response that will be.


  2. I do agree that “God has created us to be in eternal fellowship with Him. But if we refuse that, if we keep Him at arm’s length, we will ultimately be separated from Him.”

    The total separation will be in our death.

    When we do not yet accept God and our still looking, I do believe God will provide the means to find Him. He is the One Who has put the feelings in us. He is the One Who searches our hearth. He does know what we are looking for, what we are willing to look for, and also what we are aiming at in our life, with sincerity or with not enough interest to reach certain goals.

    Created in the image of God we all do have an inner voice which gives us some advice and let us hear the Cry of the Most High. We can ignore that Inner Voice, the call of God’s Spirit. When we do that we are on our own. But in this life that does not mean we shall have better or worse days than those who have chosen for God. The ones who have chosen for God and who sincerely belief can also be seriously ill or suffer a lot. True it is that those who live according to the Law of God can safe themselves a lot by following the right track and not having to bear the consequences from something they could otherwise have been doing wrongly. Doing that the good way they would not have to fear percussions for what they have done, except when man turns against him, because of his faith, when he carries it, he shall find the blissful sanctification by God.

    It is not by choosing for God in this life that we in this life shall not have to bear pain or sorrow. Christians the same as atheists can have luck but also a lot of bad luck, lots of problems (health-wise, work-wise).

    It is only at the final moment of this world system, the world shall clearly see the big difference between the ones who have chosen for God, having tried to live a good life according to the Wishes of the Most High, and between those who wanted to do what the world expected from them or what other human beings wished them to do.

    At the Last Judgement the dice shall be thrown and those who rejected God shall come to face their total end. I do not think they at that moment shall still be able to change mind or to prepare themselves for entering the Kingdom. According to what I understand from the parables of the son of God, Jeshua (Jesus Christ) it shall be too late to make your choice.

    The chosen separation from God in their lives shall bring also total separation from God in their death. They shall be destroyed for ever and have no say any more. whilst the other people, who might have died early in life, who might have suffered a lot in life, who might have had to work very hard and not having earned according to their works on earth, shall be able to earn their most valuable wages, entering the Kingdom of God, having a renewed life without any problems in the restored world on earth and in the universe.


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