What Is Sanctification?


Sanctification is an immediate work of the Spirit of God on the souls of believers,
purifying and cleansing of their natures from the pollution and uncleanness of sin,
renewing in them the image of God,
and thereby enabling them, from a spiritual and habitual principle of grace,
to yield obedience unto God,
according unto the tenor and terms of the new covenant,
by virtue of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Or more briefly:

— It is the universal renovation of our natures by the Holy Spirit into the image of God, through Jesus Christ.

The Works of John Owen, ed. William H. Goold, vol. 3: Pneumatologia: A Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, n.d.), 386.

9 thoughts on “What Is Sanctification?

    • Good question.
      It is something a person has to work on. As such we would say Faith without works is dead, like James did. Holiness is meaning to be “set-apart”.

      Mostly a person shall come to see and feel when he is set apart or becomes what so many would call “holy”. A person who is set apart, does not belong to this world and as such the world shall not like that person. Because the person does not want to join in the many pagan celebrations, the traditions of this world, that person shall be considered weird or an outcast. Such an exclusions by the world shall be felt, and not always feel pretty, but the feeling to prefer to do the Will of God instead of the will of the world shall give a nicer feeling.

      The sanctification shall be an ongoing process, whereby the individual shall receive in his head more Biblical answers and as such shall find confirmation to be on the right track.


    • The inner-change, but also the outer changes shall be able to be notified by the person himself. When a person becomes set-apart by God, i.e. being sanctified it can well be that the world notices that person not being from the world any more. It also can be when a person does special deeds, which make him or her notified by the majority of the community as a special person, doing a good work in name of God.


    • We agree with Brengle that “Holiness, for you and for me, is not maturity, but purity: a clean heart in which the Holy Spirit dwells, filling it with pure, tender and constant love to God and man.” and do trust that God will give the great gift in response to total consecration as a deliberate act of the will, which shall result in “a cleansed heart fit to be a vessel for God’s perfect love”. As such it is a second blessing, the first being forgiveness of sins.
      Growth in Christlikeness is one of the essentials of becoming set apart or holy. All those who call themselves Christian should be grounded in the master-teacher, rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ) of the Gospels, not only in Christ’s teachings, but in his example. We should try to become like him, by following his example.
      This following of Jesus his example should bring the love of Christ in us and feed us in the way we relate to others. We in a certain way should get “Christ in us,” and share this experience with others, with the same Jesus showed his love to others, trying to have them accept the Most High Elohim as their Father in heaven, becoming a child of the One and Only One God, Jehovah, so that our restored relation with the Creator makes it that we in communion and fellowship in Christ become Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


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