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What many forget to do in their life is to give everything they have and they dream for in the hands of God. Opening your hands and giving all to the Maker of all things shall make that the restlessness shall disappear. It is good that we do know we have a purpose and have a meaning, but often we do not know what it means to offer.


Problem with most of us is that we do want to have everything in control ourselves. It is so hard to give that control to Someone Who we can not see and about Whom many have so many doubts or even think He does not exist.


That even today, when so much materialism is capturing the youth, there are some youngsters who find the Better Person to give charge of their life, is nice to see, and brings lovely smiles on many more faces.


That God may be with them and bless them.

  • O restless heart of mine (
    O restless heart of mine
    How can thee ever forget,
    Thy maker’s warm embrace
    Of hands far gentler than our own,
    That has touched and caressed thine
    Forever imprinting its love so tender and good

    Such love thee will never know
    Till thee meets the makers warm embrace once more.

  • Surrender (
    I have no qualms about being a restless man, a lost man, a desperate man, a love struck man, a hopeless one, a stylish demon, a demeanor of unlucky uneasiness. I have been blessed by God Himself with a life but not with the strength to carry it out. It makes me shudder to think of going on, to wherever, with whoever, forever and then, realizing that forever stops when my breathing stops. I could sleep in the most beautiful night and wake up in the darkness. Or never wake up. Or never being able to dream again.
  • Restless (
    No such thing as rest.
    Sleep eludes me.
    Shavasana is only a dream.
  • Restless Faith Syndrome (
    I’ve been seeking validation and confirmation in all the wrong faces and places.  I’ve been allowing what others say or do or don’t say or don’t do to define me.  It’s a hang-up, a bad habit I have.  And it always yields the same result:

    An engraved invitation to a party:

  • Restless (
    Restless for tomorrow,Gina Pacelli

    living for today.

    I’m just an itchy spirit,

    wanting to be free.

  • Youthful Idealism (
    “My to-do list for today:

    ~ Count my blessings
    ~ Practice kindness
    ~ Let go of what I can’t control
    ~ Listen to my heart
    ~ Be productive yet calm
    ~ Just breathe”

    Stop. Take a deep breath. Remember to smile.

  • Restless Souls.. (
    We all are fighting our own fights.. Fighting to gain peace, fighting to forget, fighting to change the past, fighting to smile with our hearts, fighting to frown less, fighting to ache less, fighting to hold the tears that well up, fighting to not give up..
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Jogging In The Sunshine

Why, hello there! Early post this week to make up for being late last week. 🙂 This week, the Christian group I am a part of on campus, Cru, is doing an outreach program called My 2 Words. Basically, we are sharing with those around us 1 word describing life before we became Christians and 1 word describing life after we became Christians! I thought I would share my video on here with you all! Feel free to go check out the other videos on the channel too, if you’d like! 🙂

God Bless!

❤ Jessica
P.S.: Yes, I know I look awesome in the thumbnail. :p

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