What Does Love Look Like?

How much do we want to share with each other? How much do we accept of an other person? How much are we willing to give an other person to help him coming closer to God.

How many of us do want to share the love Christ gave? Are we also willing to come close to other followers of Christ and take them into our heart, or do we prefer having our own glory?

In case we want to be under the love of Christ we too should try to give such love to others and help them where we can.


  • “But Christ is All, and in All” (husbandfatherson.wordpress.com)
    Paul continues to make his point that believers are united together in Christ.  He makes this point by using far fetched examples (“barbarian, Scythian) and opposites (“slave, free”).  Barbarian would generally refer to someone considered uncivilized, or non-Greek.  Scythian would refer to, as the ESV Study Bible notes, a violent, uneducated and uncivilized group of people.  Slave would refer to someone owned by another or someone who has no free exercise of their rights.  Free would refer to someone who does have use of their rights.  In this passage, Paul is reminding us that for believers, there is no partiality based on social class or standing in society.
  • Clothed Yourselves With Christ (alvingohsh.wordpress.com)
    when you are baptized into Christ, you became dead to sins and arise in the newness of life in Christ. The next thing to do is to clothe yourself in Christ.
  • That Christ might dwell in your Heart (loopyloo305.com)
    That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love,
  • Christ In The Book Of Hebrews: Christ Is The “Brightness of His (God’s) Glory” (ascendinhim.wordpress.com)
  • The Walking Wounded (delightfuloak.wordpress.com)
    There’s a lot of people out there who I call the walking wounded. They walk around with this huge hole in them; a painful, lonely, ugly, shameful, hollow hole. They are deeply broken, unfixable. Some of them come to Christianity and immediately get the sinner thing,
    Believing Christ isn’t enough for you is pride, holding on to your past is disbelief, not letting go of trust in yourself is not trusting in God. You have to let go of your wounds before Christ can fix them.
  • What Do You Really See When You Look in the Mirror? (whatshotn.wordpress.com)
    The apostle Paul tells us that what we see in the mirror is not what we really are…we see only a “poor reflection” of ourselves. But God, on the other hand, sees us “perfectly”…and very differently from the way we see ourselves…
    “So the next time you look in the mirror…well…take a moment to think about how “God sees you”. He sees you as his beloved child…”forgiven”, “clean”, “reconciled” and made “new in Jesus-Christ”
  • Trouble, Trouble, Trouble. (crazychristiangal.wordpress.com)
    When you feel like your drowning in life’s worries, hold on tight. God has something greater in store than you could ever imagine. It’s rough, especially as a college student trying to manage friendships here and back at home, grades, family, and a relationship with my Savior. However, God will always renew us in our hardest days. When you feel like you can’t take another step, He is there to carry you to safe waters and shower you in His love and comfort. No matter what each day brings, He is here comforting you and giving you strength.
  • Salvation and Sanctification (johnnoble1.wordpress.com)
    We are ‘being changed from glory unto glory unto the very likeness of Christ.’ This is an ongoing transaction beloved.We hear that Enoch got so glorified that he just got translated into glory,he walked with God and just kept on walking right into His Presence.Elijah left in a glorious chariot firey glory.
  • Jesus Christ (greaterislove.wordpress.com)
  • Christ In The Book Of Hebrews: Christ Is The “Brightness of His (God’s) Glory” (settledinheaven.wordpress.com)
    he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high
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Brothers In Christ

“What does love look like?  It has the hands to help other.  It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy.  It has eyes to see misery and want.  It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.  That is what love looks like.”

Isn’t that a great picture of love that has the essence of Augustine, Aquinas, or maybe in the bible itself?  Unfortunately, that kind of love (and that quote for that matter) was taken from a hallmark card.  While all of these things may have some truth that resonates with them, Jesus gave us a different kind of love.  He did not stop at trying to help others, he healed them.  He did more than run to the poor and needy, he stayed with them through the pain.  He did more than see misery and want, he provided hope.  He not only…

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