In life we often look at the wrong things and are most concerned about futile matters.
Instead of looking at people for what they really are, and not how they dress and show off their wealth; discovering the difference between those who seem to succeed and those who fail. Because often people measure the success of people with their worldly fame and wealth, but they do not know the situation in the family and the social mess which perhaps may exist in the person his private life.

We should focus on the spiritual matters and look for the aim and purpose in life. In case we look for nothing in particular, we may find just that and no more, while the Creator God has so much more for us in petto. We just have to come to Him, trust Him and allow Him to direct our lives. Than we will feel the real blessings and shall be able to grow and let others to grow as well.

In our mind we should see the bright side of life, not complaining about lots of things, of a lack of time or opportunity, but making time to do the things we can enjoy and where we do feel good at. Yes, there are so many people out there who have made more out of the odds and little opportunities which many of us carelessly throw away, than others will get out of a whole life-time.

Like bees, they extract honey from every flower. Every person they meet, every circumstance of the day, adds something to their store of useful knowledge or personal power.


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  • Thankful for Creator GOD (thempactlife.wordpress.com)
    Even in the cacophony of  life sounds, can you find something to be thankful for?

    These simple things cause me to extend thanks for my Heavenly Father, Creator GOD.  I am grateful for the Creator of you and me.  Just like the different colors of the trees, you and I are distinct. You burst forth with color and light. You grow, change, and transform in your seasons.  Still like the tree, you stay strong and  resilient. Against opposition, trials, and tests, you stand tall, bold, and brave.

  • Wealth Is Not About The Money By Bob Proctor (dinarrecaps.com)
    One of the key concepts to creating wealth is to understand that money is not the goal. That’s right, I said, money is not the goal.

    Frequently people will tell me that they want to make money. However, I know it is not money they are really after. It is the things that money can buy and the freedom of time to do what they really want.

    While you may think this is an insignificant difference, it is actually the reason so many people never become wealthy.

  • {Taking Inventory} (live-brave.com)
    One might think that wanting to live for yourself and desiring the most out of your gifts, talents, relationships, community, or  job is  selfish.  I understand that passing thought.  Because I was one of those people.
  • Gratitude (mohammadhaizam.wordpress.com)
    gratitude is an intangible element that resides in us, all of us regardless of our own culture, background or religion. This is the only one feelings which if we learn to nurture in ourselves will cause a person to feel Rich beyond comprehension. Gratitude will make you feel enough, and more it caused you to feel great inside. Feeling the gratitude alone will caused you to be happy, therefore will minus all the stress which burden yourself, allowing you to grow which in turn create an opportunity for you to reach almost anything in life…. Among them is richness in Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Relationship etc etc.
  • Bible Conversations Then and Now (conversationinfaith.wordpress.com)
    the Bible didn’t drop out of the sky as fully formed timeless truths. The Bible is nearly all story and poetry. God and people figuring out what it means to be in covenant together.
    The one creator God creates order out of chaos. The one creator God creating a good world. The one creator God caring about the earth and particularly about humans.The one creator God speaks into existence the sun, moon and stars, which others believed to be gods.   Genesis, especially chapter 1, is a strong statement of faith. Little, unimportant Israel talks back to larger, more powerful nations and cultures.

Vincent Egoro

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. – Ecclesiastes 9:11

‘Time and chance’, what I call opportunity is available to all of us, yet many of us do not take it. We don’t recognize it. We look for it in distant places. We complain of a lack of opportunities where we are, but that is not true because there is opportunity where you are.

Opportunities! Every life is full of them.

Every lesson in school is an opportunity.

Every examination is a chance in life.

Every blog post is an opportunity.

Every client is an opportunity.

Every sermon is an opportunity.

Every business transaction is an opportunity…

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25 thoughts on “Opportunity!

  1. Why refer to facts or evidence when feelings are so reliable! No one would rely on faith or prayer when in an emergency eg a child is chocking! There is zero evidence for these supernatural claims


    • You would be surprised when something serious happens how many people would be relying on what they do believe and how many would count on the Supreme Divine Being.

      We do agree the only doctrinal point people do have to accept in their life is that there is a Creator God. All the rest can be scientifically and historically proven, how the world developed, how the plagues of Egypt happened, Sodom and Gomorrah, the existence of the many prophets like Abraham, Isaiah, Zechariah and Jesus. The whole movement of people following the person they thought is the Messiah, bringing Christianity into the world. Those many facts are very reliable, when we also take the historical books and worldly writings. So for us nobody has to confirm only on the Biblical writings. Just the opposite, we advice people to confirm everything by thorough examination, looking in the Scriptures and all the available research material.

      Those who came to the faith shall undergo a certain transformation (being reborn) and shall be able much easier to cope with the many difficulties this world brings unto them. Those with true faith do understand they can not escape the world and the consequences of what people do or did wrong (wars, bringing nature in danger and as such also bringing people in danger, global warming, a.o.), but they shall be able to live with it and shall try to make a difference and to be a good example, so that others also may get an impulse to change themselves and to bring changes to this world, working at a better world.


      • I’d be interested to know what scientific evidence you’d offer for an event such as the Exodus from Egypt? Israeli archeologists have searched for many years and been able to locate zero evidence. These are the people with everything to gain from finding something (anything)! Science has shown that such an outflow of people would have been a catastrophic event for a relatively small populace in Egypt. Also the distance covered in 40 years is embarrassingly & unbelievably small – see http://cafewitteveen.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/forget-yahweh-talk-to-alexander/
        Please don’t argue that the Egyptians covered up any such event occuring – this would be purely speculative, thus not scientific.
        Look forwrad to your response
        Kind regards


        • We advice you to have a look into the library and on several of our Christadelphian websites where those events are covered more in detail. National Geographic also made some documentaries on those events in world history, you might look at.

          About the amount of time taken by the Jews before they reached their original destination, you can find why it took such a long time, in the Bible (read Exodus).


          • I’d be happy to read any reputable scientific study – can you refer me to one? Your claim was that scientific evidence exists of the Exodus or other Bible stories…I’ve looked many times for reputable evidence – not mere heresay, etc. I’ve met with Christadelphians a number of times and have always found their beliefs quite evasive – I’d really appreciate a specific scientific paper reference that confirms the Exodus
            Many thanks


              • Sincere thanks for the links – very interesting reading – I spent a number of hours reading these articles and reviewing their positions on the Exodus claims.

                Whilst I appreciate the views and assertions presented, they really only constitute assertions, not scientific evidence as you described them. Any items of evidence (such as the Papyrus’ discussed) have very serious aspersions cast over their authenticity and/or link to the Biblical account.

                Regarding the wanderings in the desert and Mount Sinai, the vast numbers of Egyptian documents that we have make no mention of the Israelites’ presence in Egypt and are also silent about the events of the Exodus. Many documents do mention the custom of nomadic shepherds to enter Egypt during periods of drought and hunger and to camp at the edges of the Nile Delta. However, this was not a solitary phenomenon: such events occurred frequently over thousands of years and were hardly exceptional. Generations of researchers tried to locate Mount Sinai and the encampments of the tribes in the desert. Despite these intensive efforts, not even one site has been found that can match the biblical account.

                The power of tradition has now led some researchers to ‘discover’ Mount Sinai in the northern Hijaz or, as already mentioned, at Mount Karkoum in the Negev. The central events in the history of the Israelites are not corroborated in documents external to the Bible or in archaeological findings. Most historians today agree that at best, the stay in Egypt and the exodus events occurred among a few families and that their private story was expanded and ‘nationalized’ to fit the needs of theological ideology.

                In summary, it’s fine if you want to claim belief in the Exodus, but it is not honest to claim that such beliefs are based upon scientific evidence – it simply is not. Should you want to claim it is supported by science, there should be significant scientific peer-reviewed papers supporting your view. However, these do not appear to exist. I would still be VERY interested in reading your scientifically based evidence of an Exodus – please let me know if any exists as I’m keen to learn more.


                  • Didn’t you say your beliefs are based upon scientific evidence? What specific scientific evidence convinced you that the Exodus actually occurred? I’d really like to read that specific evidence
                    Many thanks


                    • You may look at the different Christadelphian websites for more information. We can not put our library on the internet. Remember there is still more written material not digitalised, than made digital available and on the internet on the net. You may buy a digital disk at our Bible shops, or by the Logos software.


                    • Thankyou for your kind reply – I thought you had decided not to respond.
                      I’m happy to buy the software, but only if it presents actual peer reviewed scientific evidence – not just claims & assertions. Could it be the case that there actually exists no reputable scientific evidence?


                    • As we said earlier have a look at the National Geographic video, where you also get some other names, of non-christadelphians and non-chrisitan people who came to the archaeological facts of what had happened with the plagues, flood and other biblical occasions.


                    • Everybody in the past could do historical research on the Bible to find out if it’s reliable. In case it was not many would have taken stance against it. Many did try in the past to describe the happenings of the Bible as fiction and did try to proof it, but found otherwise.

                      So you too can do historical research on the Bible to find out if it’s reliable. We wish you lots of luck in your quest.


                    • Thanks for the message but you said you believe in the Exodus due to Scientific Evidence. I have looked & looked but can’t find anything reputable. Why won’t you share your evidence?


                  • Hi again
                    It’s disappointing that you’ve not provided the evidence you say that you have
                    I wonder if you have any credible evidence for the Exodus


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